• (AD8206)Can you tell me the bias current when the VCM = 0V



    Thank you for your support everyday.

    I already asked about AD8418A and AD8207 bias current at the past session.

    (AD8418A)Vout ≠ Vref 

    (AD8207) Is the input bias current is matched? 


    Our customer are using AD8206 at the automotive application…

  • RE: AD8218 Application

    Hi Garrett,

    The AD8218 is a bidirectional part, so it can handle the current flowing in either direction through the shunt.  However the AD8218 cannot measure when its common mode voltage is below 4V.   Since it is likely that the common mode voltage in…

  • (Current sens AMP)How to calculate the accuracy.

    Hi !

    I have a question about ADI current sense AMP.

    For example, AD8207.

    I couldn't understand what "Ratiometric accuracy" and "accracy(RTO) are.

    Especially RTO.

    Can you tell us how to calculate the total error for current sense…

  • RE: AD8206 NC terminal

    Hi, moto.

    Pin 4 of AD8206 has no internal connection. This pin, I think, is a provision pin for improvements thus AD8207 has Range pin and not anymore NC pin.

    Am I correct that you want a PCB trace (connected to your other circuitry) to pass through…

  • AD8210: Input bias current data (also over temperature)

    In the data sheet, I did not find data about the input bias current (value at
    25°C, variation with common mode voltage, variation with temperature, etc...)
    Could you please give me some informations about that?
    As the shunt can also be…
  • RE: AD8219 offset vs common-mode voltage

    Hi Sam,

    Sorry for the delayed response. It is expected that your offset voltage will increase as you increase your input common mode voltage.  You can compute for the additional offset voltage by knowing the CMRR performance of the device which is specified…

  • RE: BMS with Li-Battery


    in case you are interested we have some ICs that can handle some of the functions you are looking to implement:

    ADM1171:  2.7 V to 16 V Hot Swap Controller with Current Sense Output

    ADM1275:  Hot Swap Controller and Digital Power…
  • RE: AD8215

    Hi Chai,

    We are looking into this. Meanwhile, you may want to read these articles as well as some previous threads on engineerzone which discusses current sense amplifier and its source of error:

    Articles:   High-Side Current Sensing: Difference Amplifier…

  • (AD8206/AD8211)Why did you change the datasheet?

    Hi !

    I have some questions about ADI datasheet.

    Our team are checking the datasheet because if the datasheet was changed we have to explain the changes.

    And today , we found many datasheet was changed.

    For just one example , AD8206 datasheet was changed…

  • RE: 有奖征集丨工业技术千千万,你想Pick哪一款?


    车辆中通常 有超过100个传感器,通常按功能可以分为6类,包括压力传感 器、电流传感器、电容传感器、位置传感器、速度传感器和温度传感器。车辆传感器可用于传动系统、底盘/安全和车身系统。

    (1)ADI公司的应变信号调理IC ADA4557是一款单电源桥式传感器信号 调理器,额定温度范围为−40°C至+150°C,采用4 mm × 4 mm小型 LFCSP封装。