• (AD8207)Can you tell us Rja and Rjc for AD8207?

    Hi !

    Our customer need AD8207 Rja and Rjc for AD8207.

    They are planing to use AD8207 for automotive but they need these information to register parts.

    Can you tell me these value?

    Best regards


  • (AD8207)Does AD8207 have EP/EEPROM or FLASH memory inside the device?

    Hi !

    I have a question.

    Does AD8207 have EP/EEPROM or FLASH memory inside the device?

    For example , some kind of device have Memory inside to calibrate the specification.

    Our customer want to know this because they need this information to register…

  • AD8207 DC monitor

    We are using an AD8207 I/O amplifier in our DC Monitor device that is already
    produced, built and sold for three years now. We are currently looking into a
    redesign of that device. One main issue is the protection against Transients…
  • AD8207 or AD8210

    I need a high side current sense amplifier for motor driver applicaiton.

    Both AD8207 and AD8210 have the same fixed gain (20). Both of them seem to be possible for high side current sense applicaiton (from PWM side) but which one is better ?


  • AD8207 NC terminal


    I would like to make sure about connection between PIN4(NC) and a die .

    If it is open then the circuit can trace on the PIN4 .



  • Input Impedance of AD8207, purely resistive?

    Hi All!

    To estimate the effect of connecting an AD8207 Difference Amplifier I'd like to know its differential input impedance. The data sheet only states the resistive part of 240kOhms. I find it hard to believe the input impedance has no capacitive…

  • AD8207 experiencing noise on the OUT pin


    I want to use AD8207 in combination with an ATMEGA328PU microcontroller. ATMEGA takes care of 10 bit AD conversion. The AD8207 is setup in a Vcc = 3,3V configuration with Vref1 connected to Vcc and Vref2 connected to GND. So I can use the AD8207…

  • (AD8207) Is the input bias current is matched?

    Hi !

    I have a question about AD8207.

    At AD8418A, input bias current is mismatched.

    But AD8207 it looks bias current is matched.

    Is my understanding correct?

    Best regards.


  • AD8207 Absolute Maximum Rating of Differential Input Voltage


    Absolute Maximum Rating of "Differential Input Voltage" is "-25V to +75V". This is exactly same with the Absolute Maximum Rating of "Continuous Input Voltage". Is this spec correct? I am referring to revision 0 datasheet.…