• AD8206 NC terminal


    I would like to make sure about connection between PIN4(NC) and a die .

    If it is open then the circuit can trace on the PIN4 .



  • AD8206 High Current sensing

    Based on your article here




    Fig4 - I am trying to measure a solar bus with maximum of 1000VDC and 30Amps using a shunt of 0.003. I have grounded both Vref1…

  • Which is the best between AD8206 and AD8213?

    I'd like to measure the current of my resistive load (V=48Vdc, I=4A, Rload=12 ohm, Rshunt=0.04 ohm) and I'm thinking to use AD8206 or AD8213.

    I could use AD8213 because it allows to set the low-pass filter and it has the buffered output voltage…

  • AD8418/AD8206/etc Vref current, noise rejection?

    I am considering the AD8418 or similar device for bidirectional current measurement. One option is to connect Vref1 directly to Vs (positive supply) as shown in Figure 1 of the data sheet, but I am concerned about the effect of noise from the supply into…

  • (AD8206/AD8211)Why did you change the datasheet?

    Hi !

    I have some questions about ADI datasheet.

    Our team are checking the datasheet because if the datasheet was changed we have to explain the changes.

    And today , we found many datasheet was changed.

    For just one example , AD8206 datasheet was changed…

  • 关于AD8206标定和使用的几个问题





  • AD8418 是否可以PIN TO PIN 替换AD8206 ?

    AD8418 是否可以PIN TO PIN 替换AD8206

  • (AD8206)Can you tell me the bias current when the VCM = 0V



    Thank you for your support everyday.

    I already asked about AD8418A and AD8207 bias current at the past session.

    (AD8418A)Vout ≠ Vref 

    (AD8207) Is the input bias current is matched? 


    Our customer are using AD8206 at the automotive application…

  • 用AD8206做无刷电机相电流检测,很容易出现烧毁的情况!求解!



  • (AD8418A)Vout ≠ Vref

    Hi !

    I have a question about AD8418A.

    This is my test circuit.

    I measured the Output voltage but it is not Vref level.

    => I don't have AD8418A so I measured AD8418.

    Why this happens?

    Our customer said that  this won't happen when they…