• Op Amps (AD620, AD820) cutting out during Electrophysiology experiment

    I have a small differential amplifier board that uses both an AD620 and AD820 op amp.  I have the total gain set to x5000, and have been testing the amplifier by touching the two input electrodes onto my tongue to get a simple EMG recording.

    I've discovered…

  • AD8422 and AD820: Output Too Low


    I'm using a Hall Effect sensor (LEM HAIS-100P) to measure current. I'm using an AD820 as a buffer amplifier to give a low-impedance reference to the AD8422.  I built my circuit as seen in the ADISim pic below. The output (where the 1k resistor…

  • FAQ: OP-AMP choice for active PLL loop filters


    What are some recommended op-amps for active loop filters?



    The RF Apps team often gets asked for recommendations on op-amps for active loop filters.  Active…

  • RE: ADF4159 Charge Pump Polarity Issue

    Hi,I did a comparison test according to your suggestion and the results are as follows 。

    This picture is the result of testing with AD820

    This picture is the result of testing with ADA4084-1,which is better than the previous result

  • RE: 对数信号采集应用于四极杆质谱

    他们是用AD820实现了,具体怎么搭建我也不知道,请问您知道怎么用AD820 去搭建一个对数运放吗

  • ADA4622-4 / ADA4622-2 / ADA4622-1 FAQ

    Q1. What is the ADA4622-4 / ADA4622-2 / ADA4622-1?


    A1. The ADA4622-4 / ADA4622-2 / ADA4622-1 is the next generation of the AD824 / AD822 / AD820. It is a single supply, 30 V, 8 MHz, Low Bias Current, Single-Supply, RRO, Precision JFET Op Amp.


    Q2. What…

  • 用比例法测大电阻时,加AD8221后,电阻分压改变,不成 比例;使用AD8226电阻分压正确,但是8226无输出信号








  • Question about AD8627 Input Impedance

    Hi all,

    What is the input impedance (ohm||pF) of the AD8627?

    I'm using the AD820 now but I would like to find alternative parts. The AD820 data sheet shows imput impedance spec

    but AD8627 does not.



  • RE: AD8500/AD8539/ADA4051 Input resistance


    I also wonder the ADA4051 and AD820 input resistance, especial the input Differential Mode and input Common Mode.

    The input differnal mode resistance of ADA4051 is only 8MΩ, but the input differnal  mode resistance of AD820 has 100TΩ.

    does it have…

  • RE: LTM8063 on DC2494A ev board: PG pin pull-down

    I added an AD820 as non-inverting buffer between the circuits, with a 1M pull-down on the PG input signal.
    This works but is added circuitry, so the question whether this can be simplified by lowering the PG pull-up resistor remains.