• OP184: Replacement with the AD820 and NULL Pin

    Is it possible to replace the op AD820  with the op OP184? What means the pin
    connection NULL?


    The OP184 and AD820 share a similar pin out but they vary significantly in
    their bandwidth, offset, and noise. I would not consider them to…
  • RE: AD820 Junction temperature

    Helloi Gauzz,

    Thank you for your reply.

    Could you teach me about the maximum junction temperature of AD820  ?

    This is not described in the datasheet.

    Alomost all of parts is desribed as 150 degree celcius but AD820 is not descibed.

    So ,  our customer…

  • Can AD820 "NC" be grounded?

    I'm using the AD820 in a loop filter in an RF circuit and I would like to maximize the ground plane area. Can the "NC" pins on the AD820 (SOIC-8) be grounded without ill effects? I am also using the ADP151 voltage regulator. Since the datasheet for the…

  • Question about AD8627 Input Impedance

    Hi all,

    What is the input impedance (ohm||pF) of the AD8627?

    I'm using the AD820 now but I would like to find alternative parts. The AD820 data sheet shows imput impedance spec

    but AD8627 does not.



  • AD820 spice model


    I think that AD820 spice model does not include temperature charachtristcs.

    Is it correct ?

    Our customer  uses AD820 spice simulation (using LTspice)

     but the  current consumption in simulation result is 2ma@ 25 degree celcius and  ~9mA @ 85 degree…

  • RE: AD820 as Single rail full wave rectifier



      The plus and minus inputs on the second AD820 are swapped.  See figure 50

    on the AD8510 datasheet for a correct schematic.


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  • op amp simplified schematic

    it is allowed to view simplified schematic of op amps AD711 and AD820

    what is inside in outline

  • RE: AD820 as ADC driver

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  • ADIsimpll

    HMC703       vco use HMC531 in the library

    pfd 50M     out  frequency  12.8~14.2G

    Question1:whatever parameter(loop filter)  i choose,  i can't lock to 10Hz,unless i choose lock to single frequency

    Question2:i choose different  OPA ,like AD820 it can lock to…