• AD820


  • AD820 spice model


    I think that AD820 spice model does not include temperature charachtristcs.

    Is it correct ?

    Our customer  uses AD820 spice simulation (using LTspice)

     but the  current consumption in simulation result is 2ma@ 25 degree celcius and  ~9mA @ 85 degree…

  • AD820 Junction temperature


    Could you  teach me about the junction temperature of AD820 because AD820 datasheet does not describe the junction ?

    I think that the junction temperature is 150 degree celcius  as other parts and is it correct ?

    Datasheet describes the internal…

  • AD820 as ADC driver

    In a typical photodiode analog front-end application, a AD820 is used as a transimpedance amplifier and a second one as inverter and  ADC driver. The 3-dB bandwidth is about 7 kHz. The ADC used to have 12-bit resolution, but it is going to be replaced…

  • Can AD820 "NC" be grounded?

    I'm using the AD820 in a loop filter in an RF circuit and I would like to maximize the ground plane area. Can the "NC" pins on the AD820 (SOIC-8) be grounded without ill effects? I am also using the ADP151 voltage regulator. Since the datasheet for the…

  • High Pass Filters for AD620 and AD820

    I have a circuit using AD620 and AD820 opamps, and am trying to figure out the simplest way to integrate a high pass AND a lowpass filter.

    The context of each component within the circuit currently matches these examples...


    Inline image 1



  • AD8422 and AD820: Output Too Low


    I'm using a Hall Effect sensor (LEM HAIS-100P) to measure current. I'm using an AD820 as a buffer amplifier to give a low-impedance reference to the AD8422.  I built my circuit as seen in the ADISim pic below. The output (where the 1k resistor…

  • AD820 as Single rail full wave rectifier

    Hi, I am trying to use 2 AD820 devices as a single rail full wave rectifier. I am following the example circuit given in the datasheet. The half wave rectification appears OK but am getting nothing at the full wave rectifier output.

    Has anyone used these…

  • OP184: Replacement with the AD820 and NULL Pin

    Is it possible to replace the op AD820  with the op OP184? What means the pin
    connection NULL?


    The OP184 and AD820 share a similar pin out but they vary significantly in
    their bandwidth, offset, and noise. I would not consider them to…
  • AD620 and AD820, underwater 60Hz noise ("clicking" or clipping)

    I have two differential amplifier boards that each use AD620 and AD820 op amps.  I'm using the boards for electrophysiology recordings from lobsters.  The boards are in a waterproof case and attached to the lobster's back to allow the animal to move…