• AD8195 VTTO

    Can VTTO on the AD8195 be connected to 2.5V?  I would like to connect the AD8195 outputs to an FPGA without additional level translation.  AVCC and VTTI would be 3.3V


  • AD8195 DDC direction

    I am having issues with the AD8195 not passing I2C transfers in the DDC_OUT -> DDC_IN logical direction. In this particular case the schematic looks just like the typical application schematic from the product datasheet (page 16) with an FPGA serving…

  • AD8195 power consumption

    I have an AD8195 in my design which is powered by a dedicated 3.3V produced by a LDO.  This voltage is only connected to AD8195, decoupling capacitors and some high value pull-ups.  The current measured at the output of the same LDO is…
  • AD8195 reference schematics


    I would like to get reference schematics for the AD8195.



  • AD8195 and DDC buffers


         we have implemented the same circuit proposed by the eval schematics and AD8195 datasheet. The DDC lines on HDMI connector side are 47KOhms 5V PU and 2KOhms 3.3V PU on FPGA side. Our schematic look like this one:

    At the probe point highlighted…

  • AD8195 DP++ HDMI Problem

    Hi All,

    Using the datasheet for reference I made a PCB with only the AD8195. When the PCB is connected to a computer that has a HDMI output it works fine at resolution of 1920x1080.

    The primary computer has a Nvidia Quadro graphics card with only Displayport…

  • AD8195 input or output overcurrent?

    AD8195 will the DVI inputs or outputs be damaged by transient shorts to ground?

  • ad8195 TMDS signals interchange


    Iam trying to design fpga boards includes AD8195. Iam using XC6SLX9-3TQG144I to encode HDMI signals. When i try to connect TMDS signals with FPGA i need to use another layer to match p and n pins. It means to use vias.

    But the connector side is…

  • AD8195: HDMI buffer and ESD protection

    Can I use the AD8195 HDMI buffer with the AD9889B HDMI transmitter as my system
    has a long cable run. If so what sort of interface issues between both should
    be aware of? 

    I see from an old AD9889 reference circuit that I found, the…
  • AD8195 DDC Absolut maximum ratings?

    Dear Sirs

    What is the AD8195 DDC Rating?





    I do not see the AD8195 DDC Rating in the table 4 of datasheet. Could you do me a favor? TKS