• Ad8192 DDC function

    Dear Sirs

    - The AD8192 if having the push-pull ability? 
    - What is AD8192 automatic switch mechanism?

  • AD8192  application issue

    Usually AD8192 is used  for two HDMI input and one HDMI output .

    Can I swap the signal direction, used for one HDMI input and two HDMI output.

  • AD8192 DDC buffer architecture

    Dear Sirs

    1. For AD8192 DDC buffer architecture : Is SVO architecture or others?

    2. Can AD8192 DDC buffer Cascaded different DDC buffer?



  • AD8192 and HDMI 1.4


    We have a strange behavior with the AD8192 .

    Case 1  (look at HDMI_1_3.jpg file  )

    Source 1 HDMI 1.3 (Video 1080p 60Hz + Audio)   ->  AD8192    ->  TV (Video ok & Audio ok)

    Case 2 (look at HDMI_1_4.jpg file)

    Source 1 HDMI 1.4 (Video 1080p…

  • About AD8192

  • AD8192 display issue


    here a debug on AD8192 for HDMI display, after several time hot plug, it happened the Picture "wrong display", after check the reset with MCU, there is not any improvement, would you please give some suggestion on it?



  • AD8192 : I2C connection


    I'm trying to design a HDMI switch using the AD8192.  The applications information on page 20 of the datasheet shows that there is a SCL/SDA for each of the HDMI inputs A & B, and there is another set (SCL_COM, SDA_COM) for the outputs. 

  • About AD8192 I2C glitch

    Hi all,

    good day!

    Our customer has a issue at I2C bus.

    Due to the rising edge has the glitch behavior, so the projecter HDCP function will be fail.

    do we have any solution ?


    a. about  I2C pull up resistor and Rs, do we have something suggestion ?

  • AD8192 TMDS Output

    Hi ,

    With regards to the design a board ,

    1. we have TMDS Input as IPA ,IPB and (-) INA , INB .

       Due to pattern restriction can we connect the (-)in the reverse way .Reference to page 20 Figure 30

    2.As per figure 30 ,TMDS D2± is connected to IPA3…

  • AD8192 Pre-emphasized function

    Hello all,

    In AD8192, I can set 0, +2, +4 and +6 dB with the Pre-emphasized function.


      Could you please explain about specifically this function?

      Does this function only change current value?