• AD8174: bandwidth limitation

    How is the bandwidth of current feedback amplifier(for instance AD8174) be
    limited from top?


    Three key things to remember about current feedback amplifiers:
    The inputs are not symmetrical, CFB amps have one high impedance input
  • AD8170/AD8174 Output Capacitance


    I am seraching for a an analog multiplexer with a very low "total" input capacitance value.

    Output capacitance information exist only for AD8174 /"Output Capacitance Disabled (AD8174) 7.5 pF" page 3 of datasheet) when disable so could I…

  • AD8174 Termination Resistor

    The eval board and recommended schematics for the AD8174 4:1 mux all show 50 or 75 ohm termination resistors on the inputs and outputs. Are these required to prevent DC at the input/output? I connected the mux directly to an LC filter with no termination…

  • AD8174 output swing with unity gain


    The AD8174 datasheet specifies a minimum output swing of +/-4 V @ RL=1 kOhm. The input voltage range is +/-3.3 V, which is fine with G=2. However, is the input range the same with G=1? In that case, does this mean that the output swing is limited…

  • require IC for swicthing of base band signals in freq range DC-20MHz, with input and output levels upto 9 dBm at 50 ohms load. Is AD8174 right choice?

    Whether IC AD8174 suitable for following requirements?

    Base band switching IC in freq range DC- 40MHz

    Input level: +5dBm at 50 ohms

    Output drive level: +9dBm at 50 ohms

    Slew rate better than 500V/s

    High input to output isolation within the band

  • Video Switch 6:1 with Audio

    Hello everybody,

    I'm searching for a analog 6:1 video switch and if possible with audio. Otherwise I need another IC for doing the audioswitching.

    I found the AD8174 (http://www.analog.com/static/imported-files/data_sheets/AD8170_8174.pdf) but this…

  • Video flickering issue/AD7180

    We are using AD7180 video decoder in one of our designs of analog video domain applications.     Using Hsync, Vsync and Field of Decoder, we are controlling external video Multiplexer (AD8174) for multiplexing. But, multiplexed output video has seen with…

  • RE: making a High Gain, High Speed wide-band Amplifier by AD8067

    OK I write it again here about the whole schematic...

    I plane to use AD8009 or AD8007 as last stage buffer of my analog front end circuit before AD8302.

    before AD8009 I have a resistive Attenuator, one AD4817 as a High Speed FET input buffer and a AD8337…

  • RE: AD8009 capacitive load drive capability

    Dear Gauzz

    Thank you for the reply.

    the load that I said before is input of AD8302 and its input ac coupled capacitor.

    yes 47u seems too large. I plan to use AD8302 in a wide frequency range from 20Hz to 50Mhz.

    I plane to use AD8009 or AD8007 as last…

  • RE: AD8302 low frequency design issues

    Tanq for the reply

    About your answers

    1. Ok so I have to test several large caps till reaching proper ripple in low frequencies, is it right?

    2. I have to use an analog front end circuit for conditioning sinwave inputs. Pls consider these notes about…