• RE: AD817 Maximum Power Supply Operating Range


    It is best to use the parts up to 30V only.
    You can also see on TPCs that some of the plots were taken using supply of +/-5V or +/-15V.
    The device is operational up to +/-18V but we could not guarantee device performance as it is already hitting the…

  • ad817

    ad817  fig36 in data sheet:-could this cct be used as differential line driver????

  • AD817: O/P swing

    If we use supply rails of +5V and 0V on the AD817 op amp, will the output swing
    down to 0V.


    The o/p head head room requirement from the supply rails can be a maximum of
    1.8 Volts from the rails - therefore using 0V as the VE rail may…
  • AD817 Reduced Output

    Im using a op amp as the front end for my data acquisition card

    Choose the AD817 amp powered with a 12v single power supply

    I have a 4v peak to peak signal going into my system

    The signal im getting on the output of the AD817 seems to be just the positive…

  • How to address gain error issues with AD817?

    I am using AD817 with a Burr Brown BUF634 in the feedback loop (boosts current to 250mA) as an instrumentation buffer. Specifically I am using AD817 for it's ability to drive capacitive loads because my buffer goes to a 50 ohm coaxial cable that eventually…

  • AD817 and AD826 what is the output short circuit current duration?

    I could see from the datasheet that the short-circuit current is 90mA but what is the max duration? In the datasheet, it says 'See Derating Curves'. I don't understand what that means. I am driving capacitive loads directly (16 source pins of AD1434 quad…

  • AD817运放输出大约1V的振铃怎样处理


  • AD817和ADA4870连接驱动压电换能器,波形失真







    1. 1. 只有可调增益放大电路测试


  • AD9220 simple AC interface

    采用datasheet里的simple ad interface接口电路。 我的信号频率在5kHz-500kHz之间,C1=0.1uF, C2=10uF, R=100K,  Rs=20欧姆,运放为AD817,运放供电+12,-12V。AD817输出有信号,经过C1//C2后,信号没有了。请问datasheet里的这个电路对C1,C2有什么要求?对信号幅度和频率有什么要求?

  • Determining required SNR for beat signal from ADI FMCW RADAR component

    It's the chain:

    Triangle frequency shape sent from ADF5901(24 GHz VCO and PGA with 2-Channel PA Output)

    Then receive from

    ADF5904(4ch 24GHz receiver downconverter) -> ADA8282(RADAR receiver path AFE: 4CH LNA & PGA) 

    I have some next stage: