• AD815

    What is the staus of the AD815? Is it a new device or is a mature device? It is not available from any distributors I can find.

  • heat sink for AD815


    What is good heat sink for AD815. I burn 6W in my IC. I work in room temp.


  • AD815 output swing problem for large sine waves


    I am using AD815 in 1MHz for 75ohm load in differential mode as depicted below ( my buffer gain is 1.6v/v). I get good output swing of 40vpp. Beyond that output level, I get bad output results ( collapsed non sine signal). Even I see similar bad behavior…

  • What are good resistor values for G=-2 v/v for AD815

    I want to use AD815 in inverting configuration with gain of -2. Is 2k and 1k ohm a good choice?



  • AD815大电流差动驱动器的特点与应用


  • RE: 求大家推荐几款功率放大器芯片


  • RE: AD698 LVDT Signal Conditioner


    As per last response, The AD698 linearity spec typically at 75ppm will have an 13.7 bit accuracy, the worst would be at 500ppm which is a 11 bit accuracy.

    So, instead of using AD7992 which is12 bit ADC, if i use 14-bit or 16-bit ADC, what would…