• RE: AD8146/AD8147/AD8148


     Yes you can, AD8146 is a triple single-ended-to-differential application when driven from a 75 Ω source. Please refer Page16 in AD8146 datasheet at https://www.analog.com/media/en/technical-documentation/data-sheets/AD8146_8147_8148.pdf


  • AD8146 - Supply Voltage


    Kindly clarify the following queries,

    1. Is AD8146 operates at single supply(+5V)?

    2. Can i configure the AD8146 as a differential to single ended signal conversion for video application?

    Among the above queries If any one of the case is not possible…

  • AD8146 DC offset


    I am using AD8146 to convert single ended signal to differential signal. I want a DC offset of 2.5 V to my output signals and so I am setting VOCM pins voltage level to 2.5 V as per datasheet recommendations. But at the differential ouput of the IC…

  • AD8146 - Composite Sync Signal


    Can i use the AD8146 for single ended to differential conversion of composite sync signal.



  • RE: Buffer IC for ADV7123KSTZ140


    Seems like it is duplicate of this thread https://ez.analog.com/video/f/q-a/542444/ad8146-ad8147-ad8148

    It is advised not to create duplicate thread since it would be difficult for tracking.

    Thanks very much for understanding.



  • RE: AD8145EVALZ and AD8147-EVALZ

    Hi, Venkatesh.

    AD8145 can be replaced with AD8143 which has lower bandwidth. AD8147 can be replaced with the following video drivers AD8134, AD8142 and AD8146.



  • RE: Accecptable supply voltage

    For ADV3225, enabled, 150 Ohm load, 1vpp signal total current is 70 + 6.66mA

    For ad8146, enable, 8-150 Ohm loads, 1vpp signal, total current is 62 + 8 * 1 / 150 oHms = 115 mA.  Worst case with all outputs loaded at 150 Ohms.

  • 12 channel differential STANAG3350B signals to 2 channel differential STANAG3350B signals

    Hi, I want to convert 12 channels Differential STANAG3350B signals to 2 differential STANAG3350B signals. To do so, I am using: INPUT -> AD8145 ->ADA4412 ->ADV3201 ->ADA4412 ->AD8146 ->OUTPUT. I am not implementing any logic to my video signal. I am just…

  • RE: crosspoint switch

    Thanks a lot for your support. Your suggestions did resolve my issues and provided me a feasible solution!

    I have few queries regarding :

    A) Triple Differential Receiver AD8145 

    B) Triple Differential Driver AD8146

    C)  1 differential signal to 13 differential…

  • Schematic verification


    I am working on a board for video application.

    I am getting an analog csync which can have voltage level of 0.0V to 2.2V coming from another system. But as per stanag3350B standard the voltage for the csync can be -30% of the video signal. Timing of…