• AD8145

    What is the maximum input voltage for the AD8145 when operating with a supply voltage of 5V? The absolute maximum rating only lists 12V for the supply voltage.

  • AD8145


    1. I want to know which clamping method [Differential clamping or common mode clamping] should I use for my RGB STANAG 3350B differential video input coming as input to AD8145 and why that particular clamping method only? 

    Note that the video waveform…

  • AD8145 doesn't work exactly.

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    I need your help.

    My schematic:


    VREF is provided directly by AD5765. I set the common mode voltage of Vin to 0.5 V and the differential mode voltage to 1.0 V.

    AD5765's output voltage is set to…

  • AD8145 power-down


    I want to put the AD8145 into power-down. I use +5V / -5V for power supply.

    1.) The datasheet says the AD8145 will enter power-down when the voltage applied to the power-down pin drops to approximately 2 V below the positive supply. I assume…

  • AD8145 Single Supply Question


    I would like to use the AD8145 on a single 5V supply. I did not find a reference schematic on how to do that.

    Is it correct, that I

    - connect VS+ to 5V

    - connect VS- to 0V

    - GND-Pins to 0V

    - use a 2.5V bias (e.g. via 100k) for the (AC coupled…

  • AD8145 comparators schematic design


    I read the AD8143-EVALZ_AD8145-EVALZ_UG-862.pdf ,and I am confused about the figure 3 in page 6

    1、Why connect  R_CM,B_CM,G_CM to VCC and VEE via resistance ,such as  R53,R56,R54,R55,R61,R62

    2、Why use R32,R33,R51

    I dont see the  resistance above in AD8145…

  • AD8145 Reference Schematics Required

    Hello Experts,

             I am new user of Analog devices and I need your help in designing my system. I am in urgent need of AD8145 reference schematics; kindly share it as I could not find it on the internet.

    Also i need to know the following:

    a)       The Differential…

  • AD8145 - Video Input Formats


    Whether the AD8145 chip supports all formats of video inputs like Differential Composite, Differential S-Video and Differential RGB signals.



  • AD8145使用问题


    其中Vref 由ADI的DAC芯片AD5765输出端直接提供,VIN施加共模为0.5 V,差模为1.0V的差分信号

    预设AD5765输出电压为0 V.





  • AD8145 & ADV3201- Negative supply voltage


    AD8145 operates from +5V & -5V

    ADV3201 operates from +3.3V & -3.3V

    In case without negative supply powered on the both the IC's, What will happen the IC?

    What is the maximum delay can maintain for both supplies are raise?