• AD8139 IBIS

    I want to do Signal Integrity simulation with AD8139, but I can't find the IBIS file of AD8139. Does ADI offer its IBIS file?  If not, could I do the Signal Integrity simulation in other way? Thank you.

  • AD8139 noise response

    I am trying to measure noise voltage spectral density and I found that simulation result is way off the mark from the value of 2.25 nV/sqrt(Hz) which datasheet has given. I tried simulate it in pspice and multisim independently and the result was the…

  • AD8139 exposed pad "polarity"

    What polarity/potential can I connect to the AD8139 exposed paddle?


    Connection of the exposed paddle really depends on the IC, so it is extremely
    important to read the datasheet before making a decision. Typically, it is
  • Input OVP of AD8139

    What's the recommended input OVP of AD8139, say the input voltage may go to 20Vpp, and +/-5V power supply? If I can use input series resistor to limit the input current in OVP situation? If it work, what's the maximum input current which AD8139 can afford…

  • AD8139 spice model rails?


    I am interested in using the AD8139 as an RF-switch driver since it's supposed to get <11ns switching speeds. The design is detailed here: www.edn.com/contents/images/10605di.pdf

    I am trying to get the swing as close to 0V and -5V as possible…

  • AD9446 and AD8139


    I,m a young application engineer for LXT-Credence company.

    I have design for a customer who wants to test infra red sensor, a loadboard.

    As the sensor delivers an output analog signal, and contains 288x384 pixels, I decided to use an ADC to…

  • voltage noise of AD8139

    Dear  Sir/Madam,

    I wonder knowing the abnormal area of below figure, why it is not flat.


  • AD8139的SPICE文件仿真


  • AD8139 Not Working. I need help

    I am using the AD8139 in the as shown in the attached PDF.

    Spice simulations work fine. But On the bench using +-5V supplys,  AD8138 outputs Nothing.

    What did I do wrong.

    Stan Schekall a783239d66076ba983835f6e0157fe05.pdf

  • AD8139 differential driver - power supply sequencing

    Software can't apply 5 volts and -5 volts to the AD8139 driver on my board.  They tell me that one could be applied as much as one second after the other.  Could this cause latchup?  I just wanted to start the conversation.  I can provide schematics if…