• AD8138 simulation issues


    I am trying to simulate a DAC interfacing with the AD8138 differential amplifier in LTSpice.

    The circuit is based on Figure 7 of MT-019

    The model used is the one available from the AD8138 product page and the simulation is the following:

  • 3.3V 单电源给AD8138 供电时,AD8138输入输出范围是多少

    3.3V 单电源给AD8138 运放供电时,AD8138信号 输入输出范围是多少?看手册比较疑惑,


    输入0.7v - 2.7v 的10M 单端 2v p-p 的信号,

    输出1.65v +/- 1v 的两个1v p-p差分信号,

    输出信号离3.3v 电源轨各有1.15v,请问这样做信号会不会有大的失真?

  • AD8138

    Hi there,

    I am using AD8138 to make differential input for my ADC which does not have a S&H. The problem I have is the two differential signals are not balanced! Although the output of the AD8138 is balanced when I test it without having chip on my evaluation…

  • AD8138 not working.

    For AD7356 ADC i’m using AD8138 differential OpAmp (by referring the AD7356 evaluation board schematics and ad7356 datasheet).

    I made a pcb to check the ADC, when i measure the output pin of AD8138, it shows +4V and -4V at OUT+ & OUT- pins.


  • AD8138 evaluation board question


    I am trying to use AD8138 to drive a ADC. I bought the evaluation board for it. I have a little problem regarding the board schematic in the user guide.

    On the board, there is a SMA connector which is connected to the pin 7 of the DUT AD8138. There…

  • AD8138 Maximum output voltage


    My customers are considering using AD 8138.
    So I got a question.

    #1  What is the maximum output voltage of the AD8138?
          Although the swing is described as 7.75 Vp - p, I could not find the description of the upper limit.

    #2  Is it possible to output…

  • AD8138 drive AD9434

    Hi Experts,

    I'm using AD8138 to drive the AD9434 differential inputs and met a problem.

    I made the schematics exactly the same as the Figure 41 ref design on AD9434 datasheet, and put AD8138 V- to GND and V+ to 3.3V (is it valid?), and connect the…

  • about AD8138 stability

    Hi I have a question about differential adc driver like AD8138 or ADA4937.

    Do these devices work normally when the gain setting is 0.5( less than 1)?

    Is the loop stability is secured?


    Best regards,