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  • AD8138 simulation issues


    I am trying to simulate a DAC interfacing with the AD8138 differential amplifier in LTSpice.

    The circuit is based on Figure 7 of MT-019

    The model used is the one available from the AD8138 product page and the simulation is the following:

  • 1 Vpp video via AD8138 into AD9283: confusion about analog input voltage ranges

    Newbie designer here. I'm trying to design a circuit to interface a 1 Vpp (into 75 ohm) video signal DC-coupled via a AD8138 to a AD9283. I used DiffAmpCalc to design an input stage around the AD8138 (see screenshot). The AD8138 is powered by a +3.3V…

  • AD8138: Diff-AMp Calculator issue

    I download the new version from website and have a try. Seems the value of Rf
    is double of the value it should be.
    For example, I designed buffer using AD8138, I set gain=1, Rg=200, Rf should be
    200, too, but it showed to be 422. Please refer to…

  • AD8138 datasheet中的参数测试条件疑问





  • AD8138S and output protection diodes

    In our instrument we use AD8138S in configuration as depicted below. Unit A is separated from Unit B and the AD8138S are powered from separate power supplies VP_A, VN_A (unit A) and VP_B, VN_B (unit B). The analogue signal is transmitter over the harness…

  • AD8131 and AD8138 phase tracking info

    information regarding relative phase tracking for the AD8138 vs the AD8131


    The diff amps have a propagation delay, which adds a slight negative tilt to
    their open-loop phase responses.  To put this in perspective, one nanosecond is
    90 degrees…

  • AD8138S - SEE (Single Event Effect) Radiation Testing

    Dear Support,

    I'm looking for the SEE (Single Event Effects, like SEL, SEU, SET, etc.) values for AD8138S in MeV/mg/cm².

    Can you provide these parameters? TID vlaue in krad is not sufficient for analysing within our project.

    Thank you,