• AD8137 Configuration

    Hello, I'm trying to use an AD8137 as differential driver to an AD7799 ADC. The input of the of the AD8137 will be single ended with 0-5V input from a UV sensor IC. Basically the driver will drive a cable in differential mode back to my systems with the…

  • AD8137: High offsert

    The specification of Vo,cm offset voltage is +/-28mV max. (Datasheet page 3);
    My tested sample shows right values for Vo,dm, but Vo,cm is about 200mV; Is it
    possible, that Vo,cm could be as high as 200mV? I think this is too much!


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  • AD8137: Terminate differential lines

    I am developing measuring system. I have to lead signal for quite long distance
    (400 mm) from OPAMs to AD. So I have decided to use differential lines. Lines
    are driven by AD8137 and conversion is done by ADuC7027.  How to correctly
  • Supply Voltage of AD8137


    The operating voltage of the AD8137 is specified as 12V max in the datasheet. This is also the voltage at which we operate it. Looking again into the datasheet, I found that this is identical to the absolute maximum rating. This might be exceeded…

  • AD8137 output problem

    Dear All!

    I have just started working with AD8137 as the following (Vs+ = 5V, Vs- = 0V, Vocm = 2.5V).

    During the tests i tried removing R13 (letting the IC make Vocm to half supply) and replacing it to 0R as well. R12 was also tried to be removed.

  • Start with AD8137


    I'm starting a board for an audio application with an AD8137 on each input analog input of an AD1938.

    To start, in this case, IN_GND = VREF1 = GND. The problem is that i have VO- = almost +VS and VO+=almost -VS whatever i have on IN+/IN…

  • Oscillation with AD8137


    I have an AD8085 driving a AD8137 with gain 10 with a roll-off at about 1 MHz:

    The board is FR4, two layer with 1.6 mm thickness. Bottom layer is mostly ground with lots of ground vias. Running the circuit for some time, an oscillation with…

  • AD8137仿真错误

    AD8137 SPICE 仿真错误,

    ------ 正在为 AD8137-1 - 2016年7月10日, 17:05:28 检查 SPICE 网表------

    原理图 RefDes 'u1' 元素 'xu1':  未找到足够的节点 中存在 SPICE 网表错误,

    ======= SPICE 网表检查完毕, 1 错误, 0 警告 =======

    来自仿真的错误消息:doAnalyses: Timestep too small


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