• AD8137, Vcom=0.9V


    I am working with ADC9257 and his Vcm is 0.9V. this Vcm supply the Vocm of AD8137. In the simulation Vocm must be bigger then 1V.

    What can be the impact If the Vcm is below 1V?

    Could you please check my design? I have a big noise in my video.


  • AD8137: High offsert

    The specification of Vo,cm offset voltage is +/-28mV max. (Datasheet page 3);
    My tested sample shows right values for Vo,dm, but Vo,cm is about 200mV; Is it
    possible, that Vo,cm could be as high as 200mV? I think this is too much!


    The main cause…

  • AD8137: Terminate differential lines

    I am developing measuring system. I have to lead signal for quite long distance
    (400 mm) from OPAMs to AD. So I have decided to use differential lines. Lines
    are driven by AD8137 and conversion is done by ADuC7027.  How to correctly
  • AD8137 circuit discussion

    Hi ,

    I use AD8137 as differential audio signal driver, see the schematic below.

    I have two questions need your help to clarify:

    1. Does AD8137 need DC bias on +IN and -IN ? There are two DC block capacitors (C1 and C2) in front of +IN and -IN of AD8137…

  • RE: Supply Voltage of AD8137


    The AD8137 is characterized at 3V, 5V, and +/-  5V.
    Though it is operational at the supply range of 2.7V to 12V, it is still best to operate at specified voltage supply.
    Using 12V supply and hitting the Absolute Maximum Rating of the product may still…

  • AD8137 Configuration

    Hello, I'm trying to use an AD8137 as differential driver to an AD7799 ADC. The input of the of the AD8137 will be single ended with 0-5V input from a UV sensor IC. Basically the driver will drive a cable in differential mode back to my systems with the…

  • AD8137 input transient tolerance?

    We have a DO-160 lightning protection circuit https://mobdro.bio/ https://kodi.bio/ https://webhost.kim/bluehost/  for the input pins to the AD8137. We can clamp the voltage at 9V for 300ns. We are operating at +-5V rails. The datasheet abs max is +-6V.

  • AD8137 not generating differential output.

    Hello everyone, My problem may be silly and this is because i am very much new on analog device mostly on lab practice. I am using the AD8137yrz model differential amplifier to generate amplified and differential signals. First I did the spice simulation…

  • AD8137 Output when gain is 1 (unity).

    In case of AD8137 differential amplifiers' simulation, I have problem to understanding the output behavior. The input and feedback resistors value is 1 KOhm. Therefore I suppose to have gain 1 and which leads the output voltage as like input voltage.…