• RE: Oscillation with AD8137


    when the oscillation happens, it is clearly visible on the AD8137 side of the 1k at the input and not visible on the AD8065 output side. The 1k/10K combination is the one recommended in the AD8137 datasheet. Do you really recommend to go to lower…

  • RE: Start with AD8137

    Indeed, i've got 10uF on each VO before the AD1938.

    Also, I see DC voltage on VO+ VO- and i see it on each AD8137 of the board. If, hope not, the AD8137 are out, is there something wrong with this schematic ?

  • AD8137 getting hot when power on


    I am using AD8137YRZ to convert single-ended input to differential output. After power on, the AD8137 is gatting hot. The AD8137 was oscillating. After removed the capacitor C620 and C621 on the feedback loop, the oscillating is gone. However…

  • ad8137 small sig. bw of 76MHz and large sig. bw of 110MHz


    I am studying AD8137 and have some questions.

    On AD8137 datasheet it says that small sig. bw is 76MHz and large sig. bw is 110MHz.

    I am wondering why when inputs are small signals, the bandwidth is smaller...

    Thank you.

  • RE: Why is this MFB filter oscillating?

    Hi Bert,

    Yes, you're right that everything should work perfectly fine in simulations since I also did a sanity check on your circuit and found nothing wrong. I advised using 500 ohms Rsnub resistors for us to isolate the output of AD8137 to possible…

  • MFB Antialiasing Filter Problem AD8137/ADA4932

    Hi all,

    I created a lowpass 3-pole Antialiasing Filter in MFB fully differential Topology to drive a differential ADC. The cutoff frequency is 30kHz and the Gain is 11.

    When I use the AD8137 for the filter the output of the AD8137 is oscillating at…

  • DAC and AD8137


  • AD8137、AD9257


  • AD8137 not generating differential output.

    Hello everyone, My problem may be silly and this is because i am very much new on analog device mostly on lab practice. I am using the AD8137yrz model differential amplifier to generate amplified and differential signals. First I did the spice simulation…