• RE: AD8132 - output offset control

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  • AD8132谐波测试电路中的transformer有没有推荐型号?


  • AD8132 spice model


    I have to simulate on OrCAD a front end with the AD8132, so I used the file ad8132.cir to get a spice model and then the part symbol; unfortunately that component worked in a very strange way in the circuit, so I realized a known circuit with the…

  • invalid behaviour AD8132

    We developed the schema which measures the current from shunt resistor (125uO).

    The first schema has ADC AD7687 and differential amplifier AD8132.

    But the voltage-code characteristic wasn't linear.

    Figure 1. The voltage-code characteristic

  • AD8132应用问题


  • AD8132输出漂移请教


  • AD8132, AD8138 ,AD4932 在3.3V供电时可以输入2v p-p信号吗

    产品使用线性CMOS图像传感器,输出 0.7v-2.7v 的10M 频率2v p-p的单端视频信号,准备用AD8132或者AD8138或AD4932驱动 AD9235-20 做ADC转换,希望使用 3.3.v 单电源给运放和ADC供电,不知道差分运放的选型是否合适,担心

    2v p-p 的输入信号,在 3.3v 供电的 AD8132或者AD8138或AD4932 使用出现加大失真,请教3.3v 供电的方式是否可行,

    或者请推荐更合适的 3.3v RR 运放,谢谢

  • AD8132 单端转差分,能否在1脚(负输入端)接信号,8脚接地?这样做和推荐接法有区别吗?

    AD8132 单端转差分,能否在1脚(负输入端)接信号,8脚接地?这样做和推荐接法有区别吗?

  • 求助关于AD8132单端输入差分放大电路





    将上位机的5v接入AD8132系统的地线,方向(-) 和 脉冲(-) 接入AD8132的VIN是否可行?


  • RE: Balanced line driver design for output of AD1973 Codec

    Some of our older FDAs were optimized as balanced video drivers for cat5.. They're similar to FDA ADC drivers and might work? I'd check out the ad8131 & ad8132; they're basically the same amplifier but with fixed gain in the '31. Optimized for video so…