• AD8132 Bandwidth test problem(AD8132带宽测试问题)


  • AD8132


    I want to interface the ADC and the radio.

    the problem is radio is having a common mode signal of 0.5V and ADC has a common mode signal of 0.9V.

    i need DC coupling between these ADC and radio. I sit a good idea to use AD8132 amplifier to switch…

  • AD8132 spice model


    I have to simulate on OrCAD a front end with the AD8132, so I used the file ad8132.cir to get a spice model and then the part symbol; unfortunately that component worked in a very strange way in the circuit, so I realized a known circuit with the…

  • AD8132 NC PIN


    I hope you forgive me for a very trivial question.
    Does the NC (7) terminal of the AD8132 have an internal connection?
    This is a question just in case, so there is no problem at the moment.

    Best regards

  • invalid behaviour AD8132

    We developed the schema which measures the current from shunt resistor (125uO).

    The first schema has ADC AD7687 and differential amplifier AD8132.

    But the voltage-code characteristic wasn't linear.

    Figure 1. The voltage-code characteristic

  • AD9235 with AD8132(AD8138)



    Could you give me any advice as below?

    I have been designing PCB using AD9235 and AD8132.

    I have designed AD8132 using input signal impedance matching as 50ohms to get differential output.

    My question is to confirm the connection between…

  • AD8132 Vocm minimumum voltage.

    What is Vocm minimum Voltage allowed when powered from single 3.3V  for AD8132?  Differential Amplifier Calculator is set to minimum 1.4V.

    Multisim Component Evaluator doesn't complain going below 1.4V.  Acutally I am running at 1.25V.

    Can I use AD8132…

  • AD8132 - output offset control


    My name is Meir and I am DFAE at Phoenix technologies in Israel.

    VAYYAR, one of my customers is interested in AD8132 for RF application. They have got a samples and evaluate the functionality.

    They build a circuit as in Figure.56 in the datasheet…

  • about headphone amplifier using ad8132

    Hi support,

    now I’m using ad1832 as an unbalanced to balanced headphone amplifier.

    although these usage is not recommended, I found this device reproduce

    hi-end quality sound. (great!) but I can’t reject EMI. when I move smartphone close to it…