• regarding AD8131


    I am using AD8131 in my application. i want the output IQ in the positive side and get at zero crossings. Can you please guide.


  • AD8131: drive specifications

    Can the AD8131 drive 8m of twisted pair cat 5 cable with video and audio


    As far as I can work out it should be okay to use the AD8131 to drive 8m of
    terminated Cat5 UTP cable with video/audio signals. If the line is properly…
  • AD8131: CM input resistance

    I’m trying to find out the CM_input resistance value of AD8131 and AD8138. I’m
    driving 10 ad8131 CM inputs with a single 2.5V reference chip. The max current
    this reference module can output is 30mA.  I would be grateful if you could…

  • AD8131 and AD9461


    After a lot of research, i've narowed down my choice of components to an AD8131 to convert my singe ended signal to differential ended, and the AD9461 to perform the high speed conversion.

    Now, i just a have some doubts around the "common mode…

  • AD8330 with AD8131

    Hi everyone. Sorry for my english. Please try understand me:) I have a problem with AD8330.
    I'm designing a DIY digital oscilloscope. I want to use a typical double j-fet circuit in input.
    The j-fet are powered by +/-5V. Next AD8131 (+/-5V) are driving…

  • AD8131 output range

    AD8131 datasheet provides the output range when  Vocm=2.5V or 0V,but I want to set the Vocm=2V and Vs=5V,what is the ouput range?  Thank you,looking foward to your reply.

  • AD8131 SPICE model issue


    I am trying to simulate a simple circuit using the AD8131 official SPICE model in PSPICE. However I find difficulties in obtaining the expected results, in fact the same circuit works correctly as expected in real world with the output voltages…

  • AD8131单电源供电


    使用ADV7391作为DA转换器,设置在LOW_DRIVE 模式(RSET=4.12K, RLOAD=300)。该DAC输出信号直接连接AD8131 +DIN端,查阅AD8131数据手册发现,单端输入条件下其内部输入电阻为1.125K,所以为了达到300欧姆有效值,ADV7391的负载电阻调整为412欧姆。


  • AD8131 and AD8138 phase tracking info

    information regarding relative phase tracking for the AD8138 vs the AD8131


    The diff amps have a propagation delay, which adds a slight negative tilt to
    their open-loop phase responses.  To put this in perspective, one nanosecond is
    90 degrees…