• AD8130: Will the AD8130 work with 5V single supply and gain of 2?

    I need to use the AD8130 on a single supply of 5V with gain of 2. I'm not sure
    what to do with the feedback resistors. To summarise, will the AD8130 work for
    5V single supply? (with a single supply, and for a gain of 2 -> Rf=Rg =
  • AD8130 Vcom

    Hi ADI Expert,

    According to datasheet of AD8130 common-mode voltage range 1.25~3.8V at 5V supply.

    Then I simulated AD8130 by LTspice, and I found that Vcom can’t workable for 1.35V,but workable for 2.5V, pls refer to the schematic files as blow. The…

  • AD8130: Overvoltage

    It could happen the system is switched off while the input video signal is
    still present.
    This means the input amplifiers AD8130 see a voltage at there input pins while
    the supply voltage is switched off.
    The video signal is DC coupled with…

  • LDC - AD8130/29 CMRR test circuit

    I made a very basic circuit with AD8130, aiming to determine it's wide
    frequency range CMRR. I'm attempting to use the device as a high-speed
    instrumentation amplifier. However, it turned out that the real CMRR of the
    circuit at 10kHz…

  • AD8130 High THD+N Ratio

    Hi ADI team,

    We are using AD8130 as a differential to single-ended converter for audio.

    Here is our design for AD8130:

    As shown, output differential signal from audio codec connects to AD8130 input and convert into audio line out signal.

    Note that input…

  • AD8130: Power Dissipation Capacitance (Cpd) spec

    We are using Analog devices component in our design. We need few component
    parameters for our reliability analysis. We need Input Capacitance (Cin) and
    Power Dissipation Capacitance (Cpd) for the component “AD8130”.


    The Cin of AD8130…
  • AD8130: Usage as a Cable-Tab amplifier

    Hi, I'd like to use AD8130 Differential Receiver Amplifier as a Cable-Tab
    Amplifier as described in it's datasheet page 23 Fig.16. My question is: what
    happens if the video signal source and the card in which AD8130 resides have a…
  • ESD withstand voltages for AD8130

    Please could you tell me what ( or where to find) the ESD HBM & CDM withstand voltages for AD8130ARZ-REEL7?

  • AD8130 circuit discussion

    Hi ,

    I use AD8130 as differential audio signal receiver amplifiers see the schematic below.

    I have two questions need your help to clarify:

    1. Does AD8130 need DC bias on +IN and -IN ? There are two DC block capacitors (C1 and C2) in front of +IN and …