• AD8129/AD8130 Power Sequence

    So I have an AD8129 in my design, would there be an issue with powering the negative rail for 400mS longer than the positive rail during shut down. Were trying to figure out why they keep dieing on us. We have tried diodes  across inputs with no luck.  We…

  • AD8129: Higher gain

    The customer wants to use the AD8129. They need a  gain=250. in the datasheet
    always there talk of maxgain=10 and the resistors for feedback are given only
    for maxgain of 10 (page 12/Datasheet). Are there any limitations for higher
  • AD8129 noise improvement

    I used AD8129 as a differential amplifier in my project. 

    My specifications are meet the criteria except for NOISE.

    Is there any way to improve the noise for AD8129?

    Please teach me how to improve the noise of AD8129.

  • instrument Amplifier with AD8129


    I want to amplify a signal within 0-50mVp-p and with the frequency range between 10KHz to 15MHz (or 10MHz).

    first I have used two unity buffer to measure the signal (is similar to instrument Amp)

    But when I simulated the circuit, AD8129 doesn…

  • AD8129 Circuit


    I'm trying to use this OPAMP. In the Datasheet there is a circuit Figure 140 Adding an Atteunator... on Page 35 (RevC).

    I think the given equation is not correct. I suppose that the equation is

    Vout= ((Vin)*((Rf/Rg)+1)) + (Voffset*(Rg/(Rf+Rg…

  • AD8129 single supply range


    I want to use the AD8129 as a high frequency high side current sensor in my switched mode power supply. The AD8129 would measure voltage across a shunt resistor on the high side of the SMPS output voltage, so the common mode voltage would…

  • AD8129 input current maximum

    What is the absolute maximum input current limit for the AD8129? I can limit the input current with a resistor or a capacitor, but I don't know what to limit it to.



  • AD8129 output supply voltage

    I designed a differential current-to-voltage output circuit with AD8129, but now the circuit output voltage is always 12V(positive supply voltage).

    Input 1:differential current 20mA (IN+ minus IN-)

    Input 1:differential current 10mA (IN+ minus IN-)


  • AD8129 Single Rail Supply


    I am planning on configuring an AD8129 to run on a single supply of +5V and Ground with a gain of 10.

    I am enquiring to the correct configuration of the circuit and specifically the gain resistor arrangement when -Vs is connected to ground. Is it…

  • PD pin and ref pin AD8129

    How to connect the power down pin and reference pin in schematic . what happens if not connnected?

    I am using AD8129 in my design