• RE: ADL5380 in circuit note CN-0374.

    In my device I want to use the AD8129 after ADL5380. But AD8129: "Differential Operating Range +-0.5 V (input)", and for the ADL5380: "Output Swing (differential 200 Ω load) 2 Vp-p". That is, the output voltage of the ADL5380 is necessary…

  • AD8129 Circuit


    I'm trying to use this OPAMP. In the Datasheet there is a circuit Figure 140 Adding an Atteunator... on Page 35 (RevC).

    I think the given equation is not correct. I suppose that the equation is

    Vout= ((Vin)*((Rf/Rg)+1)) + (Voffset*(Rg/(Rf+Rg…

  • AD 8129 - Simulation Model?

    Dear all,

    I have a quick question:

    Does anybody know whether a simulation model for the AD8129 Differential Amplifier exist? I can find the AD8130 model, which is a similar device. Or am I supposed to use the AD8130 model, but with the gain definitions…

  • AD8129 single supply range


    I want to use the AD8129 as a high frequency high side current sensor in my switched mode power supply. The AD8129 would measure voltage across a shunt resistor on the high side of the SMPS output voltage, so the common mode voltage would…

  • RE: differential to single-ended conversion

    Hi KJH,

    Have seen AD8129 / AD8130?

    best regards


  • RE: instrument Amplifier with AD8129

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  • AD8129: Higher gain

    The customer wants to use the AD8129. They need a  gain=250. in the datasheet
    always there talk of maxgain=10 and the resistors for feedback are given only
    for maxgain of 10 (page 12/Datasheet). Are there any limitations for higher
  • AD8129 input current maximum

    What is the absolute maximum input current limit for the AD8129? I can limit the input current with a resistor or a capacitor, but I don't know what to limit it to.



  • AD8129 Single Rail Supply


    I am planning on configuring an AD8129 to run on a single supply of +5V and Ground with a gain of 10.

    I am enquiring to the correct configuration of the circuit and specifically the gain resistor arrangement when -Vs is connected to ground. Is it…

  • RE: ad817


    You could, but why not use parts that were designed as differential line drivers and receivers,

    such as the AD8129/8130/8131?