• AD811_thetaJC.

    please provide junction to board , junction to case and junction to ambient
    temperatures for the  AD811JR.


    The J-C number, which is 13C/W.
    There is junction-to-board specification available, especially since there is
    no contact between…
  • RE: CN0276, AD8397ARDZ replacement with wider temperature range

    Hi SAM25,

    It looks like the options for a single device with equal or greater output drive are limited - LT1210 looks like one option:


    You might consider the exact requirements of your particular resolver (do you have a part…

  • Alternatives to the AD829

    Alternatives to the AD829


    I can recommend alternatives though. Other single high speed opamps with
    Bandwidth > 120MHz and Slew rate > 230V/us are

    AD811 Single
    AD818 Single
    AD815 Dual
    AD828 Dual

    You will open up…
  • AD8009: Rail-to-rail

    I am using the AD 8009 because of its high speed and broadband functions. My
    problem is, that output voltage swing is too small with -3.9 to 3.9 V at
    bipolar supply. Is there a way to connect two of them maybe in parallel with
  • RE: Heat problem in AD811ANZ

    The Lm324 is not needed unless you are trying to set the output offset voltage to a particular value. If you are concerned about eliminating output offset consider using a composite amplifier (with the AD811 inside the feedback loop of the 1st amplifier…

  • AD811AN(PDIP Package) Getting Heated for +/-12V Power Supply

    Hello Friends,

    I am using AD811AN(8 pin PDIP package) video amplifier for my ultrasound receiver signal amplification process.

    I have attached reference schematic.

    i operate AD811 in dual power supply mode. that is +/-12V.

    i have studied datasheet…

  • RE: 这11大应用领域,你在里面么?


    最近正在研究ad810,ad811,ad4851 视频放大类产品。

  • RE: any DAC Eval board with 0-10V output and 50mA drive


    Apologies for the late response.

    You may want to take a look at the EVAL-AD5760SDZ. The AD5760 will satisfy the 0-10V output requirement. It comes with the AD8675 opamp but is limited to produce current of upto 35mA. You can replace the AD8675

  • RE: 签个到,送您好礼啦!(获奖名单已公布)

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