• AD811

    Can AD811 operate using single supply ? I have a positive signal input and output. 

  • Ad811

    Can AD811 operate with a single supply. I need to amplify a positive going signal  2.5MHz 

  • RE: Heat problem in AD811ANZ

    The Lm324 is not needed unless you are trying to set the output offset voltage to a particular value. If you are concerned about eliminating output offset consider using a composite amplifier (with the AD811 inside the feedback loop of the 1st amplifier…

  • the package choose of AD811


       I design my system with the AD811, which I supply power with +/-18V. Unfortunately, I choose the package of 8 Lead SOIC, which is the AD811JR series. But I did not notice the note in the datasheet which said: The AD811JR is specified with ±5 V…

  • RE: AD811 datasheet error.

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  • AD811供电问题



    Supply Voltage  ±18 V

    AD811JR Grade Only  ±12 V  这种封装只能正负12V供电吗?


  • AD811_thetaJC.

    please provide junction to board , junction to case and junction to ambient
    temperatures for the  AD811JR.


    The J-C number, which is 13C/W.
    There is junction-to-board specification available, especially since there is
    no contact between…
  • RE: 关于运算放大器AD811相关问题

    你看看AD811手册上面GENERAL DESCRIPTION, 第一句就写着AD811是个电流反馈放大器,电流反馈放大器不能把输出和反相输入端短路的。

  • RE: Need a High Speed OpAmp ?

    Hi YSVenu,

    The AD811 has a dual counterpart, the AD812. I think this would be a good fit for your application.

    I hope this helps.