• AD8099 amplifier

    Testing the AD8099 op amp with the S08 Single Map Evaluation board -->EVAL-HSOAMP-1RZ board.

    RF: 470ohms

    RG: 50ohms

    Amplification is not the main concern with the setup we are using. The problem is related to the sinewave output--> it seems to be cut…

  • AD8099 - There are alternatives without exposed paddle?

    Hi, I'm testing AD8099 OpAmp and it meets my performance expectations. Are there alternatives with similar performance to this OpAmp without a thermal pad? It would make it easier for me to phase testing.



  • AD8099 EXPOSED PADDLE connected to GND?

    Hi, as for the AD8099 I ask for confirmation that the EXPOSED PADDLE must be connected to GND of the pcb. On the datasheet it says this but I want to make sure I understand correctly. Thank you!




  • AD8099 exposed paddle connection in single-supply application


    I have a question, when configured as single-supply, should the exposed paddle of AD8099 be connected to GND plane or the bias voltage plane?

    I guess it's not electrical connected to internal circuits, only for thermal purpose, so it's okay to connect…

  • AD8099能做反相比例放大吗?(-10)


  • AD8099 schematics

    Hello to everybody.

    I am about to use the AD8099 in a low noise integrator.  High bandwidth is really needed and 10 V supply too.

    This is the best option I found.

    Looking at the datasheet, I have troubles understanding the low voltage biasing scheme.

  • 请问AD8099可以采用单电源供电吗?


    请问AD8099供电电压5-12V是否指+Vs与-Vs之间有5V就可以了? -Vs可否接地? 我是希望采用5V单电源供电,放大几十mv的交流信号(几M至几十M),争取放大到20倍,采用AD8099是否可行?


  • AD8099 Integrator


    My customers want to make an integrator with AD 8099.
    Is it OK to create an integrator with the AD8099?

    Band: 10 to 10 MHz
    Gain: 40 dB
    Rf: 68 kΩ
    Cf: 0.33 uF

    Best regards,


  • AD8099 linear output current?


    Actually I have checked the AD8099's datasheet but I couldn't find any spec about linear output current.

    for example for ADA4817 it's 40mA but for AD8099 how much is linear output current?

    I checked Digikey website! I find it's 178mA…

  • AD8099的用法