• AD8099 oscillation


    I use AD8099 as the output buffer of the AD768, for getting a ±1.1V output voltage. Specific circuit is in the attachment.

    When I test this circuit, I found AD8099 is oscillating. Is there any suggestion to eliminate the oscillation of AD8099?

  • AD8099 schematics

    Hello to everybody.

    I am about to use the AD8099 in a low noise integrator.  High bandwidth is really needed and 10 V supply too.

    This is the best option I found.

    Looking at the datasheet, I have troubles understanding the low voltage biasing scheme.

  • RE: High-bandwidth amplifier for avalanche diode

    Oh, and to answer Q1, I would use AD8099 in a 4-resistor difference application.

  • AD8099 linear output current?


    Actually I have checked the AD8099's datasheet but I couldn't find any spec about linear output current.

    for example for ADA4817 it's 40mA but for AD8099 how much is linear output current?

    I checked Digikey website! I find it's 178mA…

  • RE: Amplifier Selection?

    Hi Einstein,

    Based on your requirement, for now you can try cascading three AD8099 (two stages with gain of +5 and one stage with gain of +2). Please refer to page 17&18 of AD8099 datasheet for the circuit configuration.

    Is the 500 MHz upper limit…

  • AD8099 Integrator


    My customers want to make an integrator with AD 8099.
    Is it OK to create an integrator with the AD8099?

    Band: 10 to 10 MHz
    Gain: 40 dB
    Rf: 68 kΩ
    Cf: 0.33 uF

    Best regards,


  • RE: ADG749: SPICE Noise Analysis


    I'm analyzing a measurement structure including the AD8099. The input signal of the AD8099 should be selectable, so I placed the AD749 in front of the opamp.

    Is there an other possebility to model the ADG749 which results in the correct transfere…

  • AD8099的用法


  • RE: Phase reverse protection AD8039/AD8099

    Hi Kotoo-san.

    I tested AD8099 in the lab and it has a phase reversal protection. But please bare in mind that the circuit design techniques are used to prevent output phase reversal. It is important that you stay as much as possible within the Abs max…