• AD8099 Integrator


    My customers want to make an integrator with AD 8099.
    Is it OK to create an integrator with the AD8099?

    Band: 10 to 10 MHz
    Gain: 40 dB
    Rf: 68 kΩ
    Cf: 0.33 uF

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  • RE: AD8099 - There are alternatives without exposed paddle?

    Hi Riccardo, 

    May I know what performance parameters of AD8099 are important for your application? This would help in finding suitable alternatives. 

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  • AD8099 oscillation


    I use AD8099 as the output buffer of the AD768, for getting a ±1.1V output voltage. Specific circuit is in the attachment.

    When I test this circuit, I found AD8099 is oscillating. Is there any suggestion to eliminate the oscillation of AD8099?

  • AD8099 schematics

    Hello to everybody.

    I am about to use the AD8099 in a low noise integrator.  High bandwidth is really needed and 10 V supply too.

    This is the best option I found.

    Looking at the datasheet, I have troubles understanding the low voltage biasing scheme.

  • AD8099 evaluation board


    I purchased an evaluation board from Analog Devices for the AD8099 for inverting configuration and LFCSP package (product number: EVAL-ADOPAMP-1CP-1, user guide: UG-064)

    I have problems soldering the LFCSP package. Can anybody give me advice?

  • AD8099的用法


  • AD8099 simple inverter amplifier

    Hi there

    I have attached a multisim simulation of a simple inverter amplifier using AD8099 (exatly according to AD8099 datasheet. Figure 60  Amplifier Configuration for SOIC Package, Gain = –1 ) which only works in simulation not in real world.  Input…

  • Queries about AD8099

    Dear Supporter,

    I have a query about AD8099. I use AD8099 in my product. The package is SOIC-8.

    The power supply is +/-5V. The gain is set as -10.

    Input signal is square wave with the frequency of 2MHz.

    After increasing the input amplitude, the output…

  • AD8099 Spice Model Behavior


    I am trying to simulate an AD8099 cascaded amplifier (please see the attached). Each stage amplifies x10, and the overall gain should be x100.

    First I built the circuit using the FB pins of AD8099 as in the attached circuit and did an AC analysis…

  • Specification details for AD8099


    We have data for +/-5V and + 5V operating condition .

    Do you have details of the Spec details  when used at +12 V .

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