• photodiode amplifier and bias current


    I have to measure the current of a photodiode.

    Input signal is:

    • Maximum current 15uA.
    • Frequency of the pulsed current 4MHz
    • Photodiode capacitance: 1pF

    I have done the desing using the AD8067.

    I have obteined good results, but i…

  • RE: AD8067 Spice model vs data sheet

    just loooked in again now, your delay not so noticible

    open loop gain more reasonable, similar to datsheet, as is Vos

    other problems with op amp macromodels not even managing to be accurate for what they can capture seems to be institutional

    just curious…

  • 关于ad7610的驱动放大器选择


  • RE: Amplifier similar to the front amplifier in ADA4350 AFE

    Hi, Rikichi.

    You can use ADA4817-1 which is one of the latest FET input amplifiers of ADI. It has an input voltage noise @f=100kHz of 4nV/rtHz and has a very wide bandwidth of 1GHz @Vout=0.1Vp-p.

    For a rail-ro-rail output voltage, you can use AD8067…

  • RE: ADG3300 input interfacing

    Thanks again for the quick reply, appreciate all the help.

    I attached a circuit snippet and also the hacked board picture that I am using to see if this part meets what I need to do.  I am using the arbitrary waveform generator of the Digilent analog…

  • RE: High resoulustion comparator with dc blocking

    Dear Anna,

    Thanks for your response. I think it will work. As far as I understand it, I should provide an ac-coupled (dc-decoupled) amplifier (For example, AD8067) before the desired comparator and a logic gate after it to reproduce pulse. I will follow…

  • RE: 求助:压电式传声器(麦克风)前置放大问题!



  • lock-in amplifier using AD630 or ADA2200.


    I want to built a lock-in amplifier with a LO frequency below 5kHz. I am little confused about the choice between AD630 and ADA2200. The performance is the main concern in my application (not the power consumption nor the price). How can I choose…

  • ADA4610 current noise

    Do you have any data on the current noise spectral density for the ADA4610-2?  I've looked at numerous data sheets that indicate measurements are made on other opamps even at very low levels.  Just for a sampling, the AD8067 lists 0.6 fA in its datasheet…

  • 关于运放的建立时间

    在为ad7610选择一个单电源的驱动放大器,手册中推荐的ad8021是双电源,建立时间参数为:Settling Time to 0.01% VO = 1 V step, RL = 500 Ω 23 ns;自己找了一个单电源的ad8067,建立时间参数为:Settling Time to 0.1% VO = 5 V step 27 ns;并且我发现很多运放只提供0.1%的Settling Time,我想知道的是我如果使用ad8067,我如何才能知道阶跃响应误差达到0.01%时的建立时间?