• RE: Amplify signal from 100kHz up to 10 MHz with 60dB and low noise

    Hi Alessandro,

    I think from your description you'd need a low input noise current device capable of > 100MHz GBWP operating with a 10V supply.

    If so, I'd recommend either AD8065, or AD8067.

    These have voltage noise very similar to THS4211 you…

  • photodiode amplifier and bias current


    I have to measure the current of a photodiode.

    Input signal is:

    • Maximum current 15uA.
    • Frequency of the pulsed current 4MHz
    • Photodiode capacitance: 1pF

    I have done the desing using the AD8067.

    I have obteined good results, but i…

  • AD8067 Spice model vs data sheet

    Playing with Audio DAC I/V op amp selection I tried Analog's AD8067 Spice model and found some problems when compared to the data sheet parameters, plots

    the model's ~74 dB Avol doesn't come anywhere near the data sheet DC open loop gain of 100 dB…

  • 关于ad7610的驱动放大器选择


  • RE: High resoulustion comparator with dc blocking

    Dear Anna,

    Thanks for your response. I think it will work. As far as I understand it, I should provide an ac-coupled (dc-decoupled) amplifier (For example, AD8067) before the desired comparator and a logic gate after it to reproduce pulse. I will follow…

  • RE: 求助:压电式传声器(麦克风)前置放大问题!



  • RE: Amplifier similar to the front amplifier in ADA4350 AFE

    Hi, Rikichi.

    You can use ADA4817-1 which is one of the latest FET input amplifiers of ADI. It has an input voltage noise @f=100kHz of 4nV/rtHz and has a very wide bandwidth of 1GHz @Vout=0.1Vp-p.

    For a rail-ro-rail output voltage, you can use AD8067…

  • RE: ADG3300 input interfacing

    Thanks again for the quick reply, appreciate all the help.

    I attached a circuit snippet and also the hacked board picture that I am using to see if this part meets what I need to do.  I am using the arbitrary waveform generator of the Digilent analog…

  • ADA4610 current noise

    Do you have any data on the current noise spectral density for the ADA4610-2?  I've looked at numerous data sheets that indicate measurements are made on other opamps even at very low levels.  Just for a sampling, the AD8067 lists 0.6 fA in its datasheet…

  • lock-in amplifier using AD630 or ADA2200.


    I want to built a lock-in amplifier with a LO frequency below 5kHz. I am little confused about the choice between AD630 and ADA2200. The performance is the main concern in my application (not the power consumption nor the price). How can I choose…