• RE: AD645电流转电压运放

    可以使用AD8067  ADA4817-1

  • RE: 求运放推荐

    ADA4817-1, AD8615 , AD8616,AD8066, AD8067, 都可以参考一下

  • RE: AD8067 Self-oscillation?

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  • AD8067 Spice Model Problem

    I am trying to run the AD8067 Spice model in a third party simulator. I have tried inverting and non-inverting configurations with a gain of 10. What I see is large currents between +Vs and the non-inverting input and gain far less than 1. I have no problem…

  • using AD8067 as inverting amplifier


    I tried to work with AD8067 operational amplifier as inverting amplifier. My input resistance is 12k ohm and feedback resistance is 10k ohm. Now gain should be less than one. I tried to simulate it in LTspice with spice model of AD8067 from analog…

  • RE: Re Current drive capability of Wavegen tool in Analog Discovery


    The final output driver for the AWG channels is the AD8067 amplifier configured in

    the inverting mode with an 11 K feedback resistor and a 1 K input resistor.

    Rather than try to just answer your question for one set of conditions please refer

  • 光电二极管前置放大电路 AD8067


  • AD8067使用问题,总是自激,求助。



  • ADA4896 micro spice model for LTSPICE use


    The ADA4896.CIR doesn't work for LTSPICE. The BF value is a big negative value.

    Could you post an alternative spice model working for LTSPICE? Any format is ok.

    by the way, the AD8067 model doesn't converge in MultiSim. I have to use it in…

  • RE: AD8421 output offset of -400mV

    plz c the image below for clarification regarding operation of ad8067 at gain less than 8

    my signal is peak to peak 10 V hence i need a opamp who works at more than +/- 5 V

    whether rail to rail opamps will be safe?