• RE: Simulation of AD8066 with downloaded model

    AD8066 model appears different from AD8065.  The AD8065 works for me, but the output of AD8066 output is clipped.

    I'm running a time-domain simulation in LTspice and observing the AD8066 output clipping from small input signal and wide supply. Replacing…

  • issue with AD8066

    Dear Engineers,

    i'm having issue with amplifier AD8066 when driving A/D converter AD9288-100,

    i'm attaching schematics, and i need to remove or minimize R9 resistor, because i'm having smaller numbers of sine signal,

    and also AD9288 has…

  • powering AD8066


    i need to know can i powering the AD8066 less then +5V (single supply)?

    i have +5V input to my design it very nosiey so i need to add LDO for DC noise filtering

    can i get Recommendation LDO for it ?


  • AD8066发热问题


  • RE: FET Input range AD8066

    Hi Rolf,

    Yes, it is. The FET input of AD8066 could swing from (-V)s to (+Vs - 3.5V, min).


  • RE: 求运放推荐

    ADA4817-1, AD8615 , AD8616,AD8066, AD8067, 都可以参考一下

  • RE: AD5445 single supply application

    Also can I use AD8066 since I have it in the house?



  • Immunity of a AD8066 to 50v pulse

    I would like to expose the input of the AD8066 device to a 50 volt pulse for a few microseconds. Will this damage the chip?

  • AD8066用哪个芯片可以替换