• AD8066发热




  • AD8066 aging influences

    Does the aging influences the following parameters of AD8066: amplifier's
    bandwidth, noise and bias input current?
    Can you give some hints on the period of time and the amount of change of these
    parameters and, what other changes…
  • powering AD8066


    i need to know can i powering the AD8066 less then +5V (single supply)?

    i have +5V input to my design it very nosiey so i need to add LDO for DC noise filtering

    can i get Recommendation LDO for it ?


  • issue with AD8066

    Dear Engineers,

    i'm having issue with amplifier AD8066 when driving A/D converter AD9288-100,

    i'm attaching schematics, and i need to remove or minimize R9 resistor, because i'm having smaller numbers of sine signal,

    and also AD9288 has…

  • AD8066 floating input


    I want to use the OP AMP AD8066 in this configuration:

    My question is:

    can I leave the non inverting input floating when I don´t need to use the OP AMPor the output and inverting input will drift toward a power rail when not inverting input…

  • AD8066 heating issues

    I am trying to use AD8066 8-MSOP package but it keeps heating up. I require to use it at a supply voltage of +/-12V on reducing the supply voltage to +/-5V. Without input also this problem persists. Please provide help.

  • AD8066 excessive current


    I am trying to use an AD8066 in a 4-pole filter, followed by gain stages and a peak detect. It is a HP filter with a cut off around 2MHz. The supply is +/-12V.

    When I power it up I find excessive current and the chips get warm. If the overall input…

  • AD8066发热问题


  • Operating voltage range of AD8066

    I need to know the exact operating voltage range of AD8066.

    Thank You