• RE: Simulation of AD8066 with downloaded model

    AD8066 model appears different from AD8065.  The AD8065 works for me, but the output of AD8066 output is clipped.

    I'm running a time-domain simulation in LTspice and observing the AD8066 output clipping from small input signal and wide supply. Replacing…

  • Problems with AD8065

    Hello all!

    I recently received a few AD 8065 and 8066 chips that I had ordered. To simply test them, I soldered them and wired up a simple buffer on a breadboard. The output showed a lot of oscillations of around 300 MHz. The same thing happened when…

  • AD8605 application for -25℃, 25℃ and 75℃


    Now we use AD8065 from a project. please to help to deal with this issue. Thanks a lot.

    In the table as below, when AD8065 output current is 0mA, 3mA, 6mA, 9.1mA and 11.3mA, what value are output voltage Swing at -25, 25 and 75?   the schematic…

  • RE: I am looking for a good bandwidth and low input bias current.

    Hi jino,

    Acturally, we switch the amplifier by changing resistor (just for testing)..I found that there was a strange voltage bias(around 0.5V on a 100Kohm resistor) before AD8021 but none if used AD8065(The secound AD8021 was AD8065).

    So i think that…

  • How would you explain that the 3rd harmonic is so high with the ADA4841 compared to the AD8065?

    My customer received the evaluation board at the beginning of the week and he performed several measures on it with the AD8065 mounted on the evaluation board and with the ADA4841.

    Here are the results:

    Fe = 384 kHz

    F = 95 kHz

    1) AD5452 + ADA4841…

  • RE: CN0269


    There is an AD8065 buffer on both the Ain+ and Ain- signal paths.



  • RE: AD8605 的供电问题


  • AD8065 Supply Voltage Tolerance

    For the AD8065 model of amplifiers, what is the tolerance on the supply voltage for a +/-5V application? Is the tolerance roughly 10%, meaning that the amplifier will continue to operate at 4.5V?

  • AD8065 connection to NC pins


    AD8065 datasheet does not contain pin description section. What should I do with NC pins? Could I connect it to +Vs or -Vs or should I left it floated?



  • RE: AD8065 SPICE model's noise performance is incorrect

    Attached is an updated SPICE model file for the AD8065/8066. This file will also be uploaded and available on the ADI website by the end of the month.