• Problems with AD8065

    Hello all!

    I recently received a few AD 8065 and 8066 chips that I had ordered. To simply test them, I soldered them and wired up a simple buffer on a breadboard. The output showed a lot of oscillations of around 300 MHz. The same thing happened when…

  • AD8065 connection to NC pins


    AD8065 datasheet does not contain pin description section. What should I do with NC pins? Could I connect it to +Vs or -Vs or should I left it floated?



  • AD8065 Supply Voltage Tolerance

    For the AD8065 model of amplifiers, what is the tolerance on the supply voltage for a +/-5V application? Is the tolerance roughly 10%, meaning that the amplifier will continue to operate at 4.5V?

  • AD8065 spice model open loop gain

    The datasheet gives a minimum Aol of 100dB, but the spice model seems to cap out around 75dB.  Is this by design, or possibly a by-product of how I'm using it in spice (currently using it as an integrator, and in the test circuit below)?  I've attached…

  • AD8065: Frequency performance characteristics of current noise


    I'm looking for a data or graph of frequency performance characteristics of current noise for AD8065.

    I checked the latest datasheet, but couldn't find the information though that of voltage noise is discribed in Figure 21.

    Can I get…

  • AD8065 Spice model "VT0 out of range"

    I'm trying to use the AD8065 spice model in a simulation with QUCS, but cannot seem to get it to work -- when I run the simulation, it throws the following errors:

    checker error, value of `Vt0' (0.13) is out of range `.0,0]' in `JFET:J1'…

  • AD8065 SPICE model's noise performance is incorrect

    I use the SPICE model downloaded from the ADI website of AD8065 and configured as a G=+1 buffer and simulate for the ouput nosie density. It is supposed to be the same with the  equivalent input noise density. But the part of 1/f noise is missing and the…

  • AD8065参考电路问题

    您好,我想问一下在AD8065数据手册(图58. 宽带光电二极管前置放大器)电路中正相输入端为什么采用这种连接,有什么意义?

  • troubles with SPICE models of AD8033 and AD8065

    Original Question: troubles with SPICE models of AD8033 and AD8065 by qwerty1234


    i am working with your open SPICE models of AD8033 and AD8065
    and i am having troubles with the voltage gain characterization.

    I would like to reproduce the OPEN-LOOP…

  • Why the PHASE of AD8065 fall from about 90 degree

    Why the PHASE of AD8065 fall from about 90 degree, not from 0 degree. Is it the phase margin?