• AD8062 Sync Stripper

    Dear Team,

    We are using AD8062 Op-Amp to strip the sync information from the Red and Blue component. We have designed the circuit as per the recommended in the datasheet.

    Please refer to the below fig.

    Also I have added system block diagram



    1. WHETHER THE AD8062 can power  with dual power supply (2.5V and -2.5V)? WHAT IS the range of positive power supply and negative  power supply ? whether we must keep the positive power supply >the absolute value of negative  power supply.

    2. when…

  • Accecptable supply voltage


    I want to know what is the accecptable supply voltage range for the following devices as I have to choose negative 5 volts regulator which is hard to find for the required current rating (I need 2A current for these devices) :

    1. ADA4412-3

    2. ADV…

  • RE: ADV7393 and AD725 Interface


    I am also facing the same issue. I am using ADV7393 IC and its output is connected to AD725.

    i stripped the sync pulse by using the AD8062 on green, blue and red color and feed to AD725 chip.

    I fed green signal to EL1881 sync separator IC from ADV7393…

  • AD5781 VREFNF can not be setted to 0V.

    Dear Engineer:


       I connect the AD8062AR to the AD5781ARUZ by following the instruction of AD5781ARUZ. What I want to achieve is to make the VREFNF to 0V. The diagram about negative connection is shown in below:




    The connection about positive…

  • RE: Observed output video on display is  blanked every 2sec to 3 sec or ramdamly.

    Dear sir,

     For VGA to Differential R,G,B converter.I am Using

    1.Single ended to Differential amplifier  - AD8133

    2.CSYNC Converter (From HSYNC and VSYNC)  -  Developed using EX-OR gate Resistor and Capacitors .

    3.Green video(From VGA) + Csync adder/…

  • AD5781负参考电压无法拉到0V









    U3 电压状况


    1 0.48

    2 0.00

    3 0.00

    4 -15.02

    5 5.01

    6 5.00

    7 5.00

    8 15.11


  • AD8062AR-EBZ eval board

    Could I get the gerber files for the AD8062 SOIC Eval board?  The board is shown in UG-128.

    Thank you,


  • Help selecting the RF power detector/controller


    I am designing a broad band 40 dBm power amplifier (PA) in the frequency range of 0.5-2.5 GHz. I would like to implement Automatic Gain Control (AGC) to precisely control the output power of the PA. After much research, I decided to use HMC1120, mainly…

  • RE: about AD828 Video OPAMP

    Assuming you need a closed loop gain of 2 or thereabouts, you could look at the AD8002, AD8008, AD8056, AD8062, EL2260, LT1819, MAX4216 or OPA2658.

    ICs do not get discontinued in a First-In-Last-Out way, so you can't be sure that an old device like the…