What is the input voltage range of the AD8061, when powered with +/-4V. Can I
    amplify a 2Vpp signal with a gain of 3?


    At +/-4V supply, the input range is -4.2V to 2.2V, and the part is Rail to Rail
    out. Therefore,

    Your input signal…
  • AD8061 spicemodel


    i'm trying to get the spicemodel for the ad8061 to work but always get a failure.

    Has anyone tried to use this model from Analog? or got a working one?

    I'm using LTSpice IV in its latest version on a WIn 8.1 Laptop.


  • AD8061 about Output Voltage Swing

    Hi guys,

    I'm a little bit confused about output voltage swing low value written datasheet rev J. page 3/20.

    Is there anyone who can explain the relations between typ (0.1 V) and min(0.3 V) values?.

    We need 0 volt output when we give 0 volt to the…

  • AD8061 output voltage saturation different from spec?

    I am using ADsimPE to simulate the AD8061. For some reason the site won't let me upload the schematic but it is just a simple gain of 2 with input pulse from 0V to 2.4V, +Vs=5V, -Vs=0V and resistor values of 500 ohms each from output to IN- and from IN…

  • 请问AD8061可以双电源供电?


  • RE: Bugs in spice models

    May I hope that the spice model of AD8061 will be corrected?

  • RE: How to use a tcxo to drive three PLL REF?

    Hi, fenfei

    You can buffer with any OP AMP (AD8061)  and her output voltage offset get necessary value manually.  That is no needed capacitance at input PLL.

    SN74HCT chip is no good solution in CLK chain.


  • RE: op-amp for high frequency

    Hi Lena,

    Are you using a single supply or dual supply? Dual supply would be a better option for this. You may want to use and consider the AD8099, ADA4860-1, AD8000 and AD8061 for your application. I think you want to design an Active Band Pass Filter…

  • RE: ADC前段,电压跟随器的选择

    您可以看一下ADA4817, AD8055, AD8057, AD8061以及AD8067这几个器件,压摆率满足您的要求,但请注意他们都不是轨到轨输入以及输出的放大器,要处理0~5V的信号的话,供电正轨要大于5V,负轨要低于0V,具体留多少裕量要参考具体的数据手册。

  • Driving AD80066

    I'm using AD80066 to digitize four channels at 4MHz each (so ADCCLK is running at 16MHz).  I'm finding that the buffer amplifier I'm using to drive the ADC is oscillating.  I've tried AD8061, ADA4897-1 and AD8065; they all seem to oscillate…