• AD8061 Driving load capacitance


    We have used ADV7123 DAC and also the corresponding buffer AD8061.

    It is observed that display is proper when driven using DAC only and there is flicker in display when buffer is used.

    We have the filtering circuit after the buffer.snap shot of…


    What is the input voltage range of the AD8061, when powered with +/-4V. Can I
    amplify a 2Vpp signal with a gain of 3?


    At +/-4V supply, the input range is -4.2V to 2.2V, and the part is Rail to Rail
    out. Therefore,

    Your input signal…
  • RE: AD8061 about Output Voltage Swing


    The 0.1V and 0.3V(typical and minimum, respectively) are the headroom of your output swing low with respect to your -Vs.
    If your using single supply (e.g. 5V/GND), then the minimum output would not be 0V but typically at 0.1V.
    You may want to use split…

  • strange behavior in working circuit simulation when AD8061 is added to the circuit

    In my oscillator design, the output amplitude looks as expected, until I add the AD8061 to the simulation.  Granted, the AD8061 model I obtained is in Beta, but the behavior I'm seeing is not just signal at its output, but how in interferes with the…

  • AD8061 output voltage saturation different from spec?

    I am using ADsimPE to simulate the AD8061. For some reason the site won't let me upload the schematic but it is just a simple gain of 2 with input pulse from 0V to 2.4V, +Vs=5V, -Vs=0V and resistor values of 500 ohms each from output to IN- and from IN…

  • 请问AD8061可以双电源供电?


  • AD8061 spicemodel


    i'm trying to get the spicemodel for the ad8061 to work but always get a failure.

    Has anyone tried to use this model from Analog? or got a working one?

    I'm using LTSpice IV in its latest version on a WIn 8.1 Laptop.


  • ADG3308: Input Driving and Output Load Requirements

    FAQ: What are the input driving and output load requirements of the ADG3308?


    To ensure the correct operation of the ADG3308, the circuit that drives the input of the device should be able to ensure the rise/fall times of less than 3-ns when driving…

  • ADG330x: Source and Sink Currents

    FAQ: What are the values of source and sink currents at A and Y pin without external buffers?


    Table 1 of the specification table of ADG330x shows in the condition’s column that the current values are IOH/IOL = 20 µA. These current values…