• AD8055


    I am using AD8055 and I am providing +5.5/-2.0 V as supply voltage. I want to know does it affect the performance of the AD8055. Does the rise time and fall time get affected ?

    Also, What is the maximum voltage i can use as an input voltage on…

  • RE: AD8055 differential amplifier

    Hello Harry,

    thank you for your help. It works with +/-5V supply voltage.

    Just one question:

    In the datasheet of the AD9767, where the op amp circuit is described, is written that it is for single-supply systems. In that case, what is meant by "single…

  • RE: Using AD8055 as a non-inverting op-amp

    Your problem may well be the breadboard. A high speed opamp like the AD8055 needs a carefully designed PCB to work properly. 0.1uH of stray inductance on a ground or supply connection will completely nobble your circuit.

  • RE: Switching Output of Operational Amp

    Dear Harry,

    Sorry for my unclear description.

    I attached the schematic and the part of the PCB layout.

    Bypass capacitances are not shown in the schematic.

    I used 100nF and 10uF for AD8055 and also put 100nF's to the supply for ADG451.

    I did my…

  • RE: Analog output interface for HS-DACs

    At lower frequencies, an op amp can be used to acheive differential-single ended conversion along with some gain if needed. For example, one recommended configuration for the AD9740 is shown below. Suggested op-amps for the interface are AD8055, AD8057…

  • Alternatives to the AD829

    Alternatives to the AD829


    I can recommend alternatives though. Other single high speed opamps with
    Bandwidth > 120MHz and Slew rate > 230V/us are

    AD811 Single
    AD818 Single
    AD815 Dual
    AD828 Dual

    You will open up…
  • AD8055(opamp) - AD9240 (ADC ) - Change in Common mode voltage at ADC input terminals


    We are using AD8055 op amp for a DC coupled application, to drive the AD9240 ADC.

    We have to set the common mode of the inputs as 2.5V. We have implemented a recommended circuit as per the AD9240 recommedation as per below image.


    As per above circuit…

  • AD9218


    I have some problems for designing a circuit based on AD9218. This is my first time to learn this IC, and make PCB layout by myself.

    The datasheet of AD9218 shows that pins 13,30,31,48 are the same pin for Analog Supply (Vd), but they aren't…

  • RE: ADC前段,电压跟随器的选择

    您可以看一下ADA4817, AD8055, AD8057, AD8061以及AD8067这几个器件,压摆率满足您的要求,但请注意他们都不是轨到轨输入以及输出的放大器,要处理0~5V的信号的话,供电正轨要大于5V,负轨要低于0V,具体留多少裕量要参考具体的数据手册。