• RE: Buffer with very low output resistor

    The AD8045 is a unity gain stable voltage feedback amplifier with ultralow distortion, low noise,

    and high slew rate. With a spurious-free dynamic range of −90 dBc @ 20 MHz, the AD8045 is

    an ideal solution in a variety of applications, including…

  • Spice model ad8045 temperature behavior

    I encounter problems with the spice model of the AD8045.

    It only works well with a temperature of 27 deg in spice.

    Will there be an update for the AD8045 spice model with also good noise figures?

    (Look at my post: "AD8045 spice model noise" form 26…

  • AD8045 Feedback pin in Spice model not internally connected

    The feedback pin in the Spice model of AD8045 (AD8045m2 SPICE Macro Model, Rev
    0, 2/2007) does not work.


    The feedback pin of the model in MultiSim AD8045 has no functionality.
    The feedback pin only appears in the symbol. Please…
  • RE: AD8045 spice model noise

    Hi Tracy,

    Attached here is the most recent spice model for the AD8045.

    It seems that the AD8045 spice model on our web is not yet updated and we will work on this to upload this on our webpage soon.

    Thanks for bringing this on our attention.

    Best regards…

  • Better opamp then the AD8045


    Is there an opamp avalible that has the same spec's as the AD8045 but has a better noise figure like the AD8099 and must be unity gain stable 

    The AD8045 is over ten years old design. I would expect that somthing better must be out there…

  • AD8045 Exposed Paddle Connection

    What do I have to connect the AD8045 exposed paddle to?

  • RE: Does the AD8045 SPICE model works Well?


    After many difficulties trying to use the AD8045 spice model, I decided to use another op amp.


  • RE: Photodiode design wizard: issues with op amp models

    Hi Ignacio,

    The SPICE models for the ADA4817, ADA4857, and AD8045 are attached. I will follow up with the ADA4899.

    I hope this helps.



  • RE: Pspice model for AD8045

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