• AD8045 Feedback pin in Spice model not internally connected

    The feedback pin in the Spice model of AD8045 (AD8045m2 SPICE Macro Model, Rev
    0, 2/2007) does not work.


    The feedback pin of the model in MultiSim AD8045 has no functionality.
    The feedback pin only appears in the symbol. Please use for…

  • AD8045 Replacement

    Support group

    AD8045 with only +5 rail was designed into the gain (TGC) path between a AD9767 current output DAC and a AD8331 Ultrasound front end.

    This a low frequency path that needs to go from 0-1V.   

    Is there a good way to search for a IC with the…

  • RE: Can you make a better AD8045 opamp... Wow


    Your feedback is much appreciated.
    Looking forward for you to optimize more ADI products on your upcoming projects.

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  • AD8045 input bias current simulation

    Hi everyone!

      I simulate peak detector circuit form well known Horowitz & Hill book. I use LTSpice for simulation. I use AD8045 op amp. According to data sheet AD8045 has input bias current of 6.3uA max, but in the simulation results I observe current…

  • AD8045 and ADA4817 input protection


    I have seen in the Q&A discussion about limiting the input current to 5mA for input protection, but this is just a 'rule of thumb'

    Is there an actual specification of the input current limit on these opamps?

    AD8045 & ADA4817.


  • RE: AD8045 Exposed Paddle Connection

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  • 最爱ADI放大器之-AD8045

    最爱ADI放大器之-AD8045 by flywinter


    AD8045是一种增益稳定、1 GHz带宽的电压反馈放大器,它具有1350 V/HZ转换速率和7.5 ns达0.1%的建立时间。低噪声和无杂散动态范围,从而使它非常适用于在高速工作条件下具有高分辨率的系统。AD8045除了具有这些理想的交流技术指标外,还显示出优良的直流特性。该放大器可在3.3 V ~ 12 V电源电压范围内工作。所以对于那些需要高动态范围,高精度和高速的系统来说,AD8045是最理想的…

  • AD8045 PSpice模型


    ERROR(ORPSIM-16144): Value may not be 0

    通过Model Editor 的Model import wizard 确认了引脚100-105分别为:+in -in +Vs -Vs out fb;但上述问题仍旧没有找到办法解决,故来求助,谢谢。

  • RE: Pspice model for AD8045

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