• AD8045 Replacement

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    AD8045 with only +5 rail was designed into the gain (TGC) path between a AD9767 current output DAC and a AD8331 Ultrasound front end.

    This a low frequency path that needs to go from 0-1V.   

    Is there a good way to search for a IC with the…

  • AD8045 PSpice模型


    ERROR(ORPSIM-16144): Value may not be 0

    通过Model Editor 的Model import wizard 确认了引脚100-105分别为:+in -in +Vs -Vs out fb;但上述问题仍旧没有找到办法解决,故来求助,谢谢。

  • AD8045 PSpice model

    Hi, I was trying to use the .cir model of the AD8045.

    --- By manually adding the library to the simulation profile I was able to make the design recognizing this device.

    -- Then, I tried to perform AC simulations, but I got the following error, where…

  • AD8045 : Evaluation board


    I have a question from our customer about evaluation board for AD8045ACPZ.

    The production page has a link to UG-919 evaluation board use's guide.


  • AD8045 spice model noise


    I am tring to do noise simulation with the AD8045 spice model.

    In ADISimPe the noise at 100KHz is 5.6nV/rtHz and not the 3nV/rtHz as told in the datasheet.

    I also imported the spice model in TINA from TI and the noise at 100KHz is 6.3nV/rtH…

  • AD8045 Exposed Paddle Connection

    What do I have to connect the AD8045 exposed paddle to?

  • Pspice model for AD8045


    Can anyone help with a 'working' Pspice model for AD8045? The one i downloaded form the website wont worjk for some reason. When i tried to simulate a simple design with it, i got this error message ' unknown parameter'.


  • AD8045 input bias current simulation

    Hi everyone!

      I simulate peak detector circuit form well known Horowitz & Hill book. I use LTSpice for simulation. I use AD8045 op amp. According to data sheet AD8045 has input bias current of 6.3uA max, but in the simulation results I observe current…

  • Spice model ad8045 temperature behavior

    I encounter problems with the spice model of the AD8045.

    It only works well with a temperature of 27 deg in spice.

    Will there be an update for the AD8045 spice model with also good noise figures?

    (Look at my post: "AD8045 spice model noise" form 26…