• AD8041 :No connect pins

    I'm using the following amplifiers in a design: AD8041ARZ, AD524BE, OP284FSZ.
    I'm wondering if it is ok if I connect the nc-Pins (no connect, referring to
    the datasheets) to Signal-Ground. Does this affect the Amplifiers somehow?

  • AD8041 Radiation tolerance test data.

    Where can I find radiation test data (High dose report, low dose report and
    heavy ion test data) for AD8041? 


    Low dose and high dose radiation reports for AD8041 are available on our
    website at the following web pages:

  • AD8041S for 3V supply

    AD8041 is fully specified for 3V supply(+Vs=3V, -Vs=0V), but AD8041S is NOT.

    Can I use AD8041S with 3V supply as AD8041?

  • Can I tie the NC pins of AD8041S to ground?

    Can you confirm if AD8041SL (5962L9683903VHA)  CFP-10 package  NC pins 1, 2, 6
    and 10 are not bonded to die.
    We wish connect all NC Pins to GND.


    We have reviewed the AD8041SL (5962L9683903VHA) wire bond diagram and I can
    confirm that NC pins …

  • RE: ad8041 ac coupling issue

    Hi srikanth123,

    When you say AC coupling the output the part fails, I assume you're talking about doing so through C103 (1uF according to your table and 0.1uF according to your text). What is the load connected to this capacitor to the right? AD8041 output…

  • AD8041

    Dual supply mode opamp in Low pass sallen key lowpass configuration with output AC coupled using a capacitor .Current increase seen for device.

    A capacitor of 0.1uF is used at output of Vout.

    .Please provide a suitable configuration for device AD8041…

  • RE: AD8041/AD8041S Input Impedance/Bias/Resistance

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    Absolute maximum rating of opampAD8041 is 12.6V as per datasheet and operating range of power supply is given as 3V to 12 V in  mode.

    I am using AD8041 OPAMP in dual supply Vs=±5V. Does this mean Iam operating the opamp at 10V and device is operating close…