• AD8039 noise issue

    In this project, we used Linear's high speed ADC LTC2175, LT6409(SE~Difference) as the driver. AD8039 as the first level amplifier and follower. Signal input Range: ±0.5V~±5V (i.e. Gain: 1~10); Input Freq: DC~60 MHz; When the input signal of AD8039 connected…

  • AD8039 Minimum Output Swing

    What is the minimum output swing, the datashet only gives the typical outut


    The worst case output saturation is 1.1v, that is, the output worse case will
    swing 1.1V to 3.9V.  This is a 6 sigma statistic that is for both process…
  • AD8039 Single Power Supply


    AD8039 can work with a single power supply? 

    According to its data sheet, the supply range is 3V to 12V but my AD8039 output 1V under 0V input and 5V single power supply condition. It works correctly (output=0V) by changing +/- 5V supply.


  • Phase reverse protection AD8039/AD8099

    AD8039 and AD8099 do have phase reverse protection?


    Thank you.


  • AD8039 Absolute Maximum Ratings - Differential Input Voltage

    I have problem with Absolute Maximum Ratings of AD8039. The Differential Input Voltage is limited to +-4V.

    May I apply a slightly higher voltage if I limit the current with the series resistor?



    In my circuit I have ADA4897 Rail-to-Rail output amplifier…

  • AD8039用于电压跟随器只能单电源供电?


  • RE: Practical OpAmp filter based on Filter Wizard design not working


    Highest signal frequency 140KHz.

    AD8039 is specified by Filter Wizard tool.

    Layout follows recommendations in AD8039 data sheet.

    If necessary I will deal with any instability issues later.

    My main concern now is the DC levels. I was expecting…

  • Analog Filter Wizard

    40kHz BP.json.txt
    	"Name": "40kHz BP",
    	"Description": "Center 40kHz\nPass 60kHz\n4 order",
    	"Tool": "FW",
    	"Version": "1.1",
    	"Design": {
    		"visitedTabs": [

  • Any other OPAMPs as voltage reference instead of AD8031?

    Hi all:

    I'm using the Filter Wizard tool: Filter Wizard | Analog Devices to design a high pass filter, my amp is single power supplied, and the wizard adds a reference voltage generation circuit using AD8031.

    Click "What's this" and it says:…