• AD8038恒流源电路


    根据电路计算,R9上电压Vr =V1-V2= Vin




  • Query about AD8038 in Low Pass Filter Design

    Hi, there

    I design a low pass filter with AD8038. My desgin follows Figure 44 in the datasheet.

    But the testing result is poor. The corner frequency seems not 6MHz and the insertion loss of inband is about 8dB. please see attachment of the result.

  • MTTF-reliability data for XFCB (or FastFET?) technology (AD8065, AD8038) and AD8129 (unknown technology)

    Hello, thanks for your time

    I need the MTTF--reliability data for the chips

    1) AD8065 and  AD8038 [ XFCB (or FastFET?) technology] 

        I have searched the data in https://www.analog.com/en/about-adi/quality-reliability/reliability-data/wafer-fabrication…

  • I need information about the "Gain Nonlinearity" and "Closed-Loop Gain Error" for AD8099, AD8067, AD8065 and AD8038 like the one reported in AD8129/AD8130

    Good morning

    Thank for your time

    I need information about the "Gain Nonlinearity" and "Closed-Loop Gain Error" for AD8099, AD8067, AD8065 and AD8038 like the one reported in AD8129 at page 4 of https://www.analog.com/media/en/technical…

  • RE: Bootstrap technique to reduce noise in TIA


    Thank u for the response.. Yes, I have LT spice and the circuit is simulated as well. There is no voltage of 5V is observed at the gate of BF862 during simulation.

    I have tested the circuit with AD8038 on Breadboard. At gate terminal of BF862, voltage…

  • The measurement conditions for the settling time of a current DAC


    The settling time of a current DAC is depend on output op amp feature.

    For example, AD5546 datasheet say it was using AD8038.

    But I can't see the measurement cuircuit or external condition.

    Is it No load ?

    and I would like to know  the mean…

  • AD5449: Output noise spectral density

    My customer considers to replace AD7568 with AD5449. In their application the
    noise performance between 1Hz and 100Hz is very critical.

    The “Output Noise Spectral Density” they can cope with should be
    <20nV/sqrt(Hz)  @ 10Hz –100Hz…
  • RE: Replacement for ada4851-4

    A bit more information would help, such as supply voltage, closed loop gain, signal amplitude and bandwidth. From your comments I'm guessing that you want a device with an input common mode range that extends to within 1V of the positive supply. Without…

  • RE: ADL5513 RF Burst


    Well my signal is 200ns pulse width with 1us pulse period and that is why i can not use any capacitor in CLPF pin because of large video bandwidth. If i use a capacitor in CPLF pin oscillations are not there but my pulse waveform is distorted.…