• RE: OPA699 Equivalent


    The direct replacement for OPA699 is AD8037.


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  • AD620和AD8037级联


  • RE: Looking for OPA with voltage limiting function

    Hi Marc,

    I think you might be looking for the AD8036/AD8037.

    We're always interested in improving our product search tools.  Can you advise what you tried?  Did you do a keyword search or were you using the parametric search tables?


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  • RE: AD8036: need clarification on "fast rectifier" use.

    Hi Ilya,

    Sorry for the delayed response.

         1. First, the datasheet theory of operation (pg. 15, paragraph 2) says that AD8036 and AD8037 can be used in either inverting or non inverting configuration but the clamp in function will only work at non inverting…

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  • RE: Is there an Op Amp that can clamp the output at  5V (unipolar operation)?

    Hi Ted,


    According to one of our colleagues, AD8036 and AD8037 are the only clamping amplifiers that Analog Devices have.

    AD8036 operates at +1 gain while AD8037 operates at +2 gain.

    AD8036 is guaranteed to operate on maximum of +/-6V of supply voltage…

  • RE: ADC drive amplifier with over voltage limit/clamp feature

    Hi Ricky,

    After touching base with some colleagues, I was able to verify that we currently have 2 op-amps that provide the clamping capability that you're looking for. The AD8036 and AD8037 have the standard op-amp pins (V+, V-, Vout) and they also have…