• AD8034

    Hi.! Has anyone the ad8034 library for orcad capture?? Because the analog_devices.olb library doesn't contain it...Thanks

  • AD8034

    Hi Analog

    I am in need of a Peak Detector for my ADC.

    The Input range is Sine/Triangular Signal with 10 V P-P, 1Hz to 1 MHz.

    I have gone through the datasheet of AD8034, I am not clear about input voltage range.

    Please clairfy.



  • RE: Qustion abuot AD5174 Register Setting

    Hi Kazu,

    What is the supply voltage of AD8034?

    Make sure the power supply of AD8034 doesn't exceed the supply voltage of AD5174.



  • AD8034 Gain at low temperature


    I would like to use AD8034.

    But, I have a ploblem.

    When using at room temperature, the gain comes out as requested, but when using -25 ° C, the gain decreases and the amplitude becomes the same as the input signal.

    #1  When the temperature drops…

  • ADL5511 envelope output amplifier


    I saw another post where an engineer asked about an output amplifier circuit to subtract "EREF" from "VENV".  The reply was to use a difference amplifier.

    Is there any problem with using an op-amp such as the AD8034 configured…

  • AD8034ARZ : current noise density at 1kHz


    In D/S, a condition of current noise density is 100kHz.

    Our customer needs a current noise density of AD8034 at "1kHz".

    Can you provide this spec or the data that corner frequency can be decided?

    Best regrads,


  • RE: AD8397 getting hot


    24V times 7.5mA times 2 is about 0.4 Wts, so sounds reasonable

    Although it might be oscillating.  Put a scope on the outputs.

    I would drop your 6.8k and 100k by a factor of ten for lower noise.

    Depending on highest frequency, load, etc., you could look…

  • AD5443 DAC buffering

    Hello- We plan to use eight AD5443 DACs to produce waveforms. The AD8034 op amp will be used to level shift the output. What is the recommendation in terms of buffering the reference voltage, given that there are 16 loads? Thanks and Best Regards, Tim…

  • RE: ADL5519

    If you have not checked out the AD8034 (FastFET Op Amp) datasheet, then it may help out some more.  It has a high-speed peak detector circuit on page 19 which is close to what you may need (see link below).

    You may also want to check out the one of our…

  • RE: 这11大应用领域,你在里面么?


    ADI 的产品,我最关注的的是放大器系列,用过很多型号,AD8034,AD8000,AD820,AD810,ADA4895,等等,还有混频器,对数放大器,只要ADI有的就不选别的厂家的了,,嘿嘿,铁丝!