• AD8033 distortion


    I have a circuit with an AD8033 in voltage follower topology (gain=1), with Vs+=24V, Vs-=0V (GND).

    The input signal is a positive sine of 10Vpp.

    In figure 1, at frequency 100kHz, the output (blue) follows the input (yellow).


  • RE: AD8033, bipolar mode switching


    Figure 53 of the data sheet shows the simplified Input Stage of AD8033/34.

    There are two input stages; the JFET input and the Bipolar Input.

    The Input Overdrive Section discussed how the transition occurs between these two input stages and this is…

  • AD8033 - Input voltage range

    Question for you:


    I’m a bit confused with the Common Mode Input characteristics under Vs:+ 5V è
    Datasheet page4

    è FYI, Our application is +5V single supply.

    The Input Common Voltage Range is specified 0 – 2 V while…
  • troubles with SPICE models of AD8033 and AD8065

    Original Question: troubles with SPICE models of AD8033 and AD8065 by qwerty1234


    i am working with your open SPICE models of AD8033 and AD8065
    and i am having troubles with the voltage gain characterization.

    I would like to reproduce the OPEN-LOOP…

  • 有关AD8033和8066滤波电路带宽

    如题,自己仿真了一放大电路,但没弄明白仿真出来的结果。以下的电路图中,施加电流信号,仿真得到带宽为59MHz,增益为820。增益这么大理解,但带宽这么大就搞不懂了。。。  我也网上查过,AD8033在增益为1时,带宽为80MHz。


                                                 所以想到论坛里发帖问问, 运放设计这些问题。

  • RE: AD8034


    This is a good question, the AD8034 is a dual FET input amplifier. The AD8033 is the single version, we typically dont build dual Spice models, we just use two AD8033 Spice models to get a AD8034. For your application I would recommend just using…

  • RE: 50MHZ BW Instrumentation amplifier

    Need high CMRR as well. I am using AD8033 as the front end, need a fast difference amplifier with at least +-7.5 voltage so I don't have to match the resistors. You need to have laser trimmed resistor in the difference amplifier. 

  • RE: 关于噪声的11个误区,你陷在哪一个?


    低噪声、1 GHz FastFET 运算放大器 ADA4817-1:https://www.analog.com/cn/products/ada4817-1.html

    极低成本、高速FastFETTm运算放大器 AD8033:https://www.analog.com/cn/products/ad8033.html


  • RE: 这11大应用领域,你在里面么?


  • RE: AD8021 spice model issues

    Hi Jino,

    I replied back to your email but I have received notifications that my server was delayed sending your message so I am assuming you haven't read my response.

    Here is the schematic and all the symbols and libraries that you need. If there…