• AD8033 distortion


    I have a circuit with an AD8033 in voltage follower topology (gain=1), with Vs+=24V, Vs-=0V (GND).

    The input signal is a positive sine of 10Vpp.

    In figure 1, at frequency 100kHz, the output (blue) follows the input (yellow).


  • AD8033 - Input voltage range

    Question for you:


    I’m a bit confused with the Common Mode Input characteristics under Vs:+ 5V è
    Datasheet page4

    è FYI, Our application is +5V single supply.

    The Input Common Voltage Range is specified 0 – 2 V while…
  • AD8033, bipolar mode switching

    Hello guys am working on photodiode amplifier, and am playing with AD8033. From the datasheet, under section Input Overdrive (Rev D, pg. 16), it states that if the common mode input is within 3V of the positive power rail, the input stage switches to…

  • troubles with SPICE models of AD8033 and AD8065

    Original Question: troubles with SPICE models of AD8033 and AD8065 by qwerty1234


    i am working with your open SPICE models of AD8033 and AD8065
    and i am having troubles with the voltage gain characterization.

    I would like to reproduce the OPEN-LOOP…

  • 有关AD8033和8066滤波电路带宽

    如题,自己仿真了一放大电路,但没弄明白仿真出来的结果。以下的电路图中,施加电流信号,仿真得到带宽为59MHz,增益为820。增益这么大理解,但带宽这么大就搞不懂了。。。  我也网上查过,AD8033在增益为1时,带宽为80MHz。


                                                 所以想到论坛里发帖问问, 运放设计这些问题。

  • RE: AD8034


    This is a good question, the AD8034 is a dual FET input amplifier. The AD8033 is the single version, we typically dont build dual Spice models, we just use two AD8033 Spice models to get a AD8034. For your application I would recommend just using…

  • RE: LT6274 Replacement

    Hi JL9891,

    Unfortunately there is no direct replacement for LT6274 yet. You may want to check the following amplifiers as replacement (depending on use case):

    AD8067, AD8033, AD8065, LT6210, LT6236, LT6205, LT6230, LT6233, LT1803.

    Hope this helps.


  • RE: 关于噪声的11个误区,你陷在哪一个?


    低噪声、1 GHz FastFET 运算放大器 ADA4817-1:https://www.analog.com/cn/products/ada4817-1.html

    极低成本、高速FastFETTm运算放大器 AD8033:https://www.analog.com/cn/products/ad8033.html


  • RE: 50MHZ BW Instrumentation amplifier

    Need high CMRR as well. I am using AD8033 as the front end, need a fast difference amplifier with at least +-7.5 voltage so I don't have to match the resistors. You need to have laser trimmed resistor in the difference amplifier.