• AD8032的问题


  • Differential input voltage of opamp ±0.8 V


    In AD8022 datasheet has Differential Input Voltage  ±0.8 V at absolute maximum rating.

    In design i provided the supply voltage as  +/-12V.

    i used the amplifier as Voltage follower,inverting amplifier and active filter.

    Inverting Amplifier and Filters…

  • RE: AD7767:  How is the maximun input current on the VREF  Pin?

    Hi Jonathan,

    We have two AD7767 in our application and  want to use one reference only.

    Figure 46 in the Datasheet Rev.0 is differ to Datasheet Rev.C.

    Can the reference ADR434 drive 100μF ?

    Should a separate reference be used for each AD7767 or is…

  • The unusual distortion of AD8031

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    We would like to use AD8031ANZ for  a unity gain follower.
    Pls refer to the schematic. below,

    There are description on the datasheet.
    Used as a unity gain follower, the output of the AD8031/
    AD8032 exhibits more distortion in the peak…

  • AD8138 not working.

    For AD7356 ADC i’m using AD8138 differential OpAmp (by referring the AD7356 evaluation board schematics and ad7356 datasheet).

    I made a pcb to check the ADC, when i measure the output pin of AD8138, it shows +4V and -4V at OUT+ & OUT- pins.


  • RE: AD7699评估板

    1. R46并没有明确的作用,可能方便调试用; R53与C58组成低通滤波, 为AD7699的抗混跌滤波器。

    2. R26与C38是低通滤波器;R28与R26相同为了减小运放AD8032的偏置电流引起的额外输出offset.

  • RE: AD7367-5 circuit diagrams


      The figure below is latest tested(November 17th) AD7367-5 serial digital output on DOUTA pin1 for five range ±1/±2/±3/±4/±5V all-frequence-10kHz Sinusoidal inputs about V1.And the AGND to V1 is connected to the analog ground plane of the system…

  • RE: Need Help in selection of ADC for CMOS Image Sensor

    No , the sensor output is a differential one, it has two outputs vout+ and vout-, Vcm is 2V and output varies +/- 400mV

    if seen as differential input the swing is 400mV

    basically the data is an image data from sensor, so i feel the data wont change that…

  • 关于AD8302的使用问题