• Capacitive drive of AD8031

    The data sheet for the AD8031 only has capacitive drive plots to 1nF.

    In Circuit note CN-0277, the AD8031 is being used because it can drive large capacitive loads.

    In the circuit there are two 0.1uF (100nF) capacitors connected to its output with no…

  • RE: ad8032仿真模型的问题


  • Recommended ADC Driver for the AD7091R

    What is the recommended ADC driver for the AD7091R?


    The AD8031 is a good fit for the AD7091R as a driver amplifier. The AD8031
    draws typically  750uA of current and can operate from 2.7V to 12V with fast
    settling times to allow for 1…
  • RE: AD7671 Output has step

    Hi Henry,

       I have checked the specs for the recommended ADR421 and compare with ADR01 in terms of the current drive capability and they are not very far. As you suggested about the driver. The AD8031 settling time is 125ns (at 0.1%) against the AD797…

  • RE: Unexpected gain rolloff with AD8031A

    Yes, I reused the board from before. I have not tries another AD8031. Sorry, the pic is not great. AD8031 is hand soldered at the middle-right of the board. Note the skimpy power supply traces, but there are 0.1uF decoupling caps directly beneath the…

  • RE: Reference Buffer with AD8031 for AD768x

    Hi Michael,

    Apology for a bit confusing there.What I mean is  that technically this circuit would be functional, but there would be an error on the output of the AD8031 in the range of mV. I’d suggest giving a little extra headroom on the AD8031 supply…

  • RE: The unusual distortion of AD8031

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  • RE: ADA4927 with common mode


    Your schematic "schema" shows the ADA4927 and the AD8031??

  • RE: ADR444 Incorrect Output Voltage

    Hello David,

    Can you just confirm whether you are measuring the voltage while the AD8031 is connected to the ADR444? If you are, could you disconnect the AD8031 from the output of the reference and measure the output? I just want to check whether it…

  • RE: Finding a part number on my eval and motherboard

    Where did you get the board? What did you order from Analog Devices?

    It's difficult to proceed without a part number. I see AD8031 printed on the schematic, but the AD8031 engineer hasn't seen the board before - it's probably part of a larger system…