• Capacitive drive of AD8031

    The data sheet for the AD8031 only has capacitive drive plots to 1nF.

    In Circuit note CN-0277, the AD8031 is being used because it can drive large capacitive loads.

    In the circuit there are two 0.1uF (100nF) capacitors connected to its output with no…

  • AD8031 graph in data sheet


    Please Provide AD8031  test circuit used for measuring the results shown in figure 38 and figure 40 of data sheet.

    Jayasree K

  • The unusual distortion of AD8031

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    We would like to use AD8031ANZ for  a unity gain follower.
    Pls refer to the schematic. below,

    There are description on the datasheet.
    Used as a unity gain follower, the output of the AD8031/
    AD8032 exhibits more distortion in the peak…

  • Reference Buffer with AD8031 for AD768x

    The datasheet of AD7688 recommends adding a buffer to the reference source to meet source's low impedance requirements. Fig 33 on page 16 shows an example. I'm wondering whether that curcuit will work as proposed. Especially in regard to the power supply…

  • Transistors / Gates in AD8048 and AD8031


    I'm wondering how many transistor and/or effective gates are in the AD8048 and AD8031. 

    Thank you for any information might be available and happy new year

  • Any other OPAMPs as voltage reference instead of AD8031?

    Hi all:

    I'm using the Filter Wizard tool: Filter Wizard | Analog Devices to design a high pass filter, my amp is single power supplied, and the wizard adds a reference voltage generation circuit using AD8031.

    Click "What's this" and it says:…

  • How many AD7984 reference can be driven by AD8031?


    AD7984 is 18bit ADC.

    The web site recommends ADR435 or ADR4450 references and AD8031or AD8655 buffer amps.

    for example, AD8031 can drive 4 AD7984 references?  more?

    At this case, AD7984 keeps 18bit feature?

    and I would like to know what parameter…

  • Recommendations from datasheets for AD7665 and AD8031 contradict each other


    The datasheet for ADC AD7665 (p.13, figure5) suggests that the OpAmp AD8031 is used as a buffer of the Reference voltage connected to the INA input of the ADC. It also suggests connecting two capacitors 10uF and 100nF in parallel to the output of…

  • Can you please clarify how selection of reference buffer like AD8031 was done?

    Can you please clarify how selection of reference buffer like AD8031 was done? That's an 80MHz op-amp, how will it be stable with 10uF of load

  • AD7357使用ADA4932-2和AD8031的可行性,是否会有阻抗匹配问题




    3.ADA4932 官方方参考原理图输入使用了2…