• AD8028 Output Voltage Swing


    My customers are considering AD8028.

    What is the output voltage swing when using the AD8028 under the following conditions?

    Vs = 5V
    RL = 100 Ω

    Since the result of RL = 1kΩ for the data sheet was not obtained,
    I want to know…

  • AD8028 power down


    In power down mode, what is the state of the output?

    I want to know when I put the select pin to 0V, the output will be in tristate or 0V?

    Thank you

    Man Long

  • AD8028 stability and DC errors vs Vicm


    1 - Stability :

    After a stabilty analysis of AD8028 in follower mode, with no load, it appears that AD8028 is stable (phase margin >46°) if the feedback resistor is close to 0 ohms (<100ohms).

    In my design, I first wished a feedback resistor…

  • RE: AD8041S Protection Diodes

    Same question for AD8028 while current of 9.5mA maximum flowes from the input through the protection diode. Thank's

  • RE: Low Vos version of AD8647??


    Thank you for reply and suggestion.

    The ADA4897-2 is already evaluated but there was signal leakage from input to output when power-down was enabled. So AD8028 might be good.

    Regards, Satoshi

  • RE: Replacement for ada4851-4


    The AD8028 is our widest BW true RRIO dual op amp we have today. If you could provide a little more supply voltage the ADA4891-4 might be of interest to you.



  • RE: Is it possible to precision rectify a 1MHz signal?

    It is always nice to be able to answer one's own questions, since it usually means, that the effort to find out has been succesful.
    I tried to build the circuit mentioned in this publication:


  • 线性运放正常供电,无输入信号时,输入引脚却检测到直流电平?



  • RE: High-precision digitally controlled amplifier

    Hi Sparkles!,

    In the configuration using in amp and digipot, the digipot will introduce low pass filter due its resistor and switches parasitic capacitance. It will low pass the signal before it goes through the in amp output. The larger the end to end…

  • RE: powering AD8066

    Really your best bet is changing amplifiers to something like the AD8397 (less gain-bandwidth product) or AD8030 (closer) or even the AD8022 that at lease works at 4.5V. The AD8066 will probably work at 4.5 but you will have no guarantee of that. If this…