• AD8022


    I am using AD8022 as non-inverting unity gain buffer in my circuits. However when I powered the circuit I surprised to find that the IC was running in warm condition.Is this normal? or the device is not unity gain stable. Please advice.


  • AD8022 Output oscillating


    In the below configuration AD8022 output swings like in the waveform.

    Can anyone suggest what would be the problem?

  • AD8022 spice model noise problem

    I've designed a 5th order low pass antialiasing filter using the filter wizard. The design I obtained is based on the AD8022 dual opamp. I've constructed the circuit and the result I got today are alright.

    I also need to model the circuit using…

  • AD8022, input impedance 20k ohm


    I have following questions on AD8022.

    a) Datasheet shows, INPUT CHARACTERISTICS, Input Resistance (Differential) is 20kΩ, as Typical.

    Could you please confirm whether this value 20k is really correct or not ?

    It may sound strangely, but normally…

  • RE: 关于运放和电源选择

    推荐 ADA4898-1, AD8021  AD8022

  • RE: 506评估板AD转换


  • RE: Filter Wizard / SPICE noise analysis inconsistency

    Hi, Steven.

    I attached the AD8022 and ADA4857 SPICE models. These were recently created and tested. The models available in the web were not yet updated thus the results were not very good. The attached models are better so use them instead.


  • RE: Differential input voltage of opamp ±0.8 V

    HI Selva,

    If you are using the AD8022 as an inverting amplifier as shown below, I don't think you gonna have a problem with the absolute maximum differential voltage. The differential voltage on the abs max rating refers to the difference of voltage…

  • RE: 【急】AD8138相关问题





  • RE: AD7357 ADC driver/front end for AC coupled inputs


    Please see pages 13-14 to see how to drive the AD7357 differential inputs using the AD8138 or AD8022. Please also check our reference circuit for this: http://www.analog.com/en/circuits-from-the-lab/CN0061/vc.html. You just need to add a capacitor…