• RE: ADA4895-1 output noise


    Sorry, I didn't expect someone to do the full calculation. Was just looking for a sanity check.

    The actual results measured using the AD9240 are below. The application is sensitive to peak voltages so that is shown along with the RMS conversion…

  • RE: I am looking for a good bandwidth and low input bias current.

    Hi jino,

    Acturally, we switch the amplifier by changing resistor (just for testing)..I found that there was a strange voltage bias(around 0.5V on a 100Kohm resistor) before AD8021 but none if used AD8065(The secound AD8021 was AD8065).

    So i think that…

  • AD8021建立时间问题

    AD8021的建立时间具体是多少,在Datasheet上The AD8021 is a well-behaved amplifier that settles to 0.01% in 23 ns for a 1 V step. It has a fast overload recovery of 50 ns.设计ADG506+AD8021+AD7665,96通道切换,AD8021延时多少后采集

  • AD8021 Spice Model Problem

    HI Engineerzone,

    I am a test development engineer here also in ADI. I would like to raise a question about the LTSpice model of AD8021, We are planning to use AD8021 as a unity gain single ended to differential amplifiver for a 10V, 150MHz input sine wave…

  • VGA with AD8021 ?

    I need to amplify signal up to 1MHz sine, amplitude 10uV - 1V from sensor for ADC 16bit.

    The decisive factor is the amplitude and phase.

    In other words, I need an amplifier with switchable gain 1x,10x,100x,1000x.

    Because we did not find a suitable…

  • AD8021 distortion


    When I drive my AD8021 with signal higher than ~300mV my output signal (sine) starts to distort. Without the compensation capacitor I can input larger values before the distortion starts, but when it then starts it seems more severe. I have work…

  • RE: AD8022, input impedance 20k ohm

    Hi Charly,

    It is good to know we can refer to AD8021, that I'm not confident they are same, because datasheet of AD8022 and AD8021 are not quite same, even if AD8022 is described as dual version.

    Thank you very much.

    Best Regards,

  • AD8021 Slew Rate Pspice model


    I did some PSPICE simulation with AD8021, and It shows a SR > 600V/us, a way higher than numbers given in the datasheet.

    Can anybody confirm the AD8021 slew rate behaviour is not accurate?

  • AD8021 spice model issues


    I downloaded AD8021 Spice model from Analog website and simulated the OpAmp alone and it worked fine. When I put AD8021 model on my Power Amplifier circuit , it crashes and I am not able to see the simulation. I have changed different parameters in…