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  • AD8014的带宽问题

    我用AD8014做同相放大器,放大倍数为10倍,输入信号为100KHz,幅值为100mv的正弦信号,可以正常放大,但是向其输入1MHz,100mv的正弦信号,只能放大不到5倍,但是数据手册里面 显示带宽为400MHz,请问是什么原因造成这种情况的呢?对比图放在下面。RF=1K欧姆,RG=120欧姆。



  • AD8014 output voltage range


    I'm using the AD8014ARZ in as a buffer for my DAC output application.

    I see that in the datasheet there is a specification for output voltage: 1.1 to 3.9V

    But as my application demands, I want to get an output from 0V to 0.9V.

    So the question…

  • AD9834 + AD8014 DC return resistor

    I have an AC-coupled signal coming from an AD9834 fed into an AD8014 as shown below.  

    Do I need a DC return resistor to ground between C11 and U7 and, if so, what value should I use?

    My maximum output frequency will be 5 MHz, sine wave only.

    Thanks for…

  • AD8014阻抗匹配问题


  • RE: Recommended feedback resistors for AD8014

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  • AD8014 application


    If I use a common op as a differential amplifier,which parameters I must concern and think about? For axample AD8014;

    Thank you very much


  • Alternatives to the AD829

    Alternatives to the AD829


    I can recommend alternatives though. Other single high speed opamps with
    Bandwidth > 120MHz and Slew rate > 230V/us are

    AD811 Single
    AD818 Single
    AD815 Dual
    AD828 Dual

    You will open up…