• AD8009 Rg value for G=+1?


    I'm want realize gain G=+1 with OPA AD8009. For this gain recomended resister Rf = 301 Ohm in Data Sheet. How many value Rg with Rf = 301 Ohm for G=+1 for AD8009?

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  • AD8009 power supply operating range

    In the AD8009 the given operating range is minimum +5V and maximum +/-6V.

    I guess it means the maximum voltage I can use is  +6V on +Vs and -6V on -Vs. Am I right ?

  • AD8009 radiation hardness

    I'm thinking of using the AD8009 as a line driver for particle detector readout. The readout board will be near the beam line and get exposed to ionizing radiation.  I've had good results in the past using commercial grade parts in similar locations…

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  • AD8009 Latch-Up

    I realized that the AD8009 has an latch-up effect (for gain=2, 100 Ohm load at more than 7.2 Vpp with +/-5V supplies). Only removing the input signal, switching power supply off, switching power supply on, applying a smaller input signal seems to help…

  • RE: AD8009ARZ G=+1


    For a gain of 1, you may consider buffer configuration. Since AD8009 is a current-feedback amplifier, Rf should be connected between the output and the inverting pin. No Rg is needed for buffer configuration. I have attached a sample test circuit…

  • RE: making a High Gain, High Speed wide-band Amplifier by AD8067

    OK I write it again here about the whole schematic...

    I plane to use AD8009 or AD8007 as last stage buffer of my analog front end circuit before AD8302.

    before AD8009 I have a resistive Attenuator, one AD4817 as a High Speed FET input buffer and a AD8337…

  • RE: mixer driver

    Hi Enwright and glenbrisebois,

    Standard amplifiers Op Amp would have a hard time supporting your 17dBm (50ohm) output swing equivalent to 4.5Vpp at 435MHz. The required slew rate would be 6,200 V/us. The highest slew rate I could find across ADI standard…

  • High Gain, High BW Amp by AD8067


    I have a question about making a High Speed high Bandwidth Amplifier by AD8067.

    if you read page 21 of AD8067 datasheet and see fig.57 you will find a composite amp with gain of 100 and very wide BW making by a AD8067 and a AD8009.

    so my question…

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