• AD8009 Heating up


    I am using a AD8009 OPAMP along with AD834 DDS based circuit with -4.4V to +4.4V supply, at these case AD8009 is extremely heating up and it is giving output as well, what causes to heating up the AD8009 ? 

  • RE: making a High Gain, High Speed wide-band Amplifier by AD8067

    OK I write it again here about the whole schematic...

    I plane to use AD8009 or AD8007 as last stage buffer of my analog front end circuit before AD8302.

    before AD8009 I have a resistive Attenuator, one AD4817 as a High Speed FET input buffer and a AD8337…

  • AD8009 capacitive load drive capability

    There Folks

    I designed an input, output AC Coupled amplifier by AD8009. output ac couple circuit has a 47u capacitor.

    are there any issues for ad8009 to working with this cap value as an output ac coupling?


  • LVTTL to NIM Translator with AD8009

    I´m designing a LVCMOS to NIM signal translator, requirements of the circuit are

    Input frequency from 10KHz to 40Mhz

    Input 3.3V LVCMOS

    Output  logic "0" 0mA  or 0V; logic  "1" 18mA or 1V

    I decide to use AD8009 because it declares…

  • AD8009 Rg value for G=+1?


    I'm want realize gain G=+1 with OPA AD8009. For this gain recomended resister Rf = 301 Ohm in Data Sheet. How many value Rg with Rf = 301 Ohm for G=+1 for AD8009?

    Best Regards!


  • RE: AD8313 evaluation board

    1. AD8009 is on the output of the device. AD8313 provides an output voltage (dc if the input level is fixed) that is proportional to the size of the input signal. So AD8009 is not seeing a 2.5 GHz signal.

    2. According to the schematic, the switch should…

  • RE: AD8009 radiation hardness

    The AD8009 is maufactured using an analog complementary bipolar process.



  • RE: problem_with_gain_control

    Hello Kris,

    ADA4927 has achieved better results than ad8009 at simulations (I haven't had physically connected it yet). The fastest pulse at input should be from comparator ad8561 - 5V / 1.5  ns. It appears that input impedances are more equal for…

  • RE: AD8009 Latch-Up

    Hello Andree,

    The problem may stem form the input source impedance driving the AD8009. The AD8009 does not like source input impedances much higher than 200 ohms. How are you drving the AD8009? As for other high speed current feedback amplifiers, I'd…

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