• AD8009: Rail-to-rail

    I am using the AD 8009 because of its high speed and broadband functions. My
    problem is, that output voltage swing is too small with -3.9 to 3.9 V at
    bipolar supply. Is there a way to connect two of them maybe in parallel with
  • AD8009 to drive a variable capacitive load


    I would like to use the AD8009 to drive a variable capacitive load over a SMA cable.

    According to the datasheet, I need to  "insert a resistor in series between the op amp output and the capacitor." It is required to "to prevent instability and…

  • 用AD8009放大500uv的方波,电压抬升











  • AD8009 for peak detection application

    Hi everybody,

    I am planning to build a circuit to get the maximum of the signal as in this paper.


    I want to replace LTC6244 with AD8009.

    I want to ask if AD8009 is suitable…

  • AD8009 TPC


    I'm a DFAE in Japan. Our customer is interested in AD8009 and gives us a question as follows. 

    Some TPCs do not have measurement conditions. Could you tell me about them? Especially he wants to know about TPC 10.



  • AD8009 Heating up


    I am using a AD8009 OPAMP along with AD834 DDS based circuit with -4.4V to +4.4V supply, at these case AD8009 is extremely heating up and it is giving output as well, what causes to heating up the AD8009 ? 

  • LVTTL to NIM Translator with AD8009

    I´m designing a LVCMOS to NIM signal translator, requirements of the circuit are

    Input frequency from 10KHz to 40Mhz

    Input 3.3V LVCMOS

    Output  logic "0" 0mA  or 0V; logic  "1" 18mA or 1V

    I decide to use AD8009 because it declares…

  • AD8009 capacitive load drive capability

    There Folks

    I designed an input, output AC Coupled amplifier by AD8009. output ac couple circuit has a 47u capacitor.

    are there any issues for ad8009 to working with this cap value as an output ac coupling?


  • AD8009 Single Power Supply

    I am tring to build an amplifier circuit by using AD8009 with its single power supply. However, when I applied +10V to VS+ and GND to VS-, it seems the amplifier didn't work. The output current of my digital power supplier is about 0.  Can someone help…