• RE: AD8336 ac couple between pre amp and vga issue

    tanQ Kirill

    if say so, using of large 22u to 47u caps as ac coupling for the output of high speed op-amps such as ad8067 or ad8007/8009 have no problem, right?

  • RE: 微信号放大,放大器如何选型啊?

    您好, 您可以考虑以下芯片:



  • RE: High speed op amp with output current limiting

    There's plenty on offer from Analog Devices, so I suggest you look at the AD8010, AD8009 and AD8007. Most modern parts are short circuit protected, but you'll need to check the datasheets.

  • Output Voltage Range和Output Saturation Voltage有什么关系??

    hello everyone:


          我在阅读AD8007的datasheet时,想查看AD8007的输出电压范围,也就是Output Voltage Range,但是读到一个参数Output Saturation Voltage。


           Output Saturation Voltage的字面意思是输出饱和电压。第一眼看到这个数据,给我的感觉是AD8007在VS=+/-5V的时候,Output Saturation…

  • CFB Op-amps as diff amps

    I have yet to see any applications where current mode op-amps (AD8007) were used in 4 resistor diff amp configurations.

    Can they be used that way? What are the differences in performance between CF and VF amps in this configuration?

    I would assume that…

  • AD9912 and Analog Devices' line of Buffers


    I am using the AD9912 output (DAC_out) to drive a 50 ohm load. I was looking for Analog Devices buffers that can output up to 400MHz with a signal amplitude of up to 1 Vpp.

    I was able to find both a diff-to-diff buffer (ADA4932) and a single…

  • RE: Calculating IMD

    Hello serhiy,

    I didn't write the AD8007/8 data sheet, but I believe I can shed some light on what's going on here. Problems are often encountered when applying RF specifications to op-amps and differential amps since RF systems typically operate in fixed…

  • RE: making a High Gain, High Speed wide-band Amplifier by AD8067

    OK I write it again here about the whole schematic...

    I plane to use AD8009 or AD8007 as last stage buffer of my analog front end circuit before AD8302.

    before AD8009 I have a resistive Attenuator, one AD4817 as a High Speed FET input buffer and a AD8337…

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