• RE: 要对250MHz的300多mV的电压信号放大至少十倍,选择哪款芯片合适

    根据您的要求,可以计算一下满足要求的运放的slew rate的值:2V*Pi*250MHz,那么slew rate需满足3.14kv/us.根据这个条件您可以考虑用两级放大:AD8003。 AD8003内部集成了3个运放,所以您可以直接是2个就可以了。

  • unable to achieve gain using AD8003

    before entering in to problem:

    my application is a laser pulse detection, in this process when a laser pulse falls on photo diode it generates current, later stages include a I-V conversion, Gain,difference amplifier and comparator

    my pulse characteristics…

  • AD8003运放在80M处总有谐波,求指导


  • RE: 怎么实现2G速率,峰峰值为2V的交流信号模拟相加

    这个2G是 2V峰峰值频率为2G的正弦波么?如果对频率要求不是这么高,电流型反馈运放,AD8003可以试一试。

  • Are there application notes/schematics showing the AD8000's configured as an instrumentation amplifier?


    I need to build an ultra-high speed instrumentation amplifier for an ultra-wideband radar I am building.  Are there application notes or schematics to use the AD8000, AD8003, or the AD8009 configured as an instrumentation amp? I need an instrumentation…

  • RE: Amplifier selection help: DC amplification

    Hi, Alisa,

        Your requirements can probably best be met with one of the following Current FB Opamps together with another inverting stage (with G=2 to make up for the voltage division with a 50 ohm series output resistor into the 50-ohm load).:

    -- AD8003…

  • RE: 激光二极管驱动芯片选择


  • Next step in frequency response beyond AD8429


    I'm trying to measure a ~50mV differential voltage output from a Wheatstone bridge. The common mode voltage is around 7.5V due to the supply voltage of 15V. I am looking for a gain of 20-30 in order to obtain good signal strength for an Oscilloscope…

  • RE: HDMI / DVI to NTSC using ADV7611->ADV7125->AD725


    4:2:2 or 4:4:4 is fine either way. Not sure why you would use the secondary VSP instead of the primary, but it doesn't particularly matter. You could output Y/C separately in parallel with CVBS, but you don't have to.

    Not sure I see why…

  • 放大电路设计必备宝典——论坛问答精华帖汇总



    • 这里累积了上万条工程师在实际设计中的技术问题及专家解答,这些来自设计实践中的技术问答是工程师们的设计参考宝典;

    • 这里还累积了上千条工程师的技术分享帖,是最直接、最给力的干货…