• Question for AD8003ACP-EBZ

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    AD8003ACP-EBZ is only bare board that it show on your datasheet.

    So if we buy this, then can we get one AD8003 on there?

    Otherwise should we buy AD8003 for put on this?

    Thanks Kaos

  • RE: Amplifier selection help: DC amplification

    Hi, Alisa,

        Your requirements can probably best be met with one of the following Current FB Opamps together with another inverting stage (with G=2 to make up for the voltage division with a 50 ohm series output resistor into the 50-ohm load).:

    -- AD8003…

  • RE: Amplifier Selection?

    Hi Einstein,

    I suggest you add AD8000 (1.5 GHz Ultrahigh Speed Op Amp) and AD8003 (Triple, 1.5 GHz Op Amp) to your Op Amps consideration, both are current feedback amplifiers. Current Feedback amplifiers offer wide closed-loop bandwidth, low distortion…

  • RE: DDS输出信号的功率放大


  • RE: 要对250MHz的300多mV的电压信号放大至少十倍,选择哪款芯片合适

    根据您的要求,可以计算一下满足要求的运放的slew rate的值:2V*Pi*250MHz,那么slew rate需满足3.14kv/us.根据这个条件您可以考虑用两级放大:AD8003。 AD8003内部集成了3个运放,所以您可以直接是2个就可以了。

  • Are there application notes/schematics showing the AD8000's configured as an instrumentation amplifier?


    I need to build an ultra-high speed instrumentation amplifier for an ultra-wideband radar I am building.  Are there application notes or schematics to use the AD8000, AD8003, or the AD8009 configured as an instrumentation amp? I need an instrumentation…

  • Next step in frequency response beyond AD8429


    I'm trying to measure a ~50mV differential voltage output from a Wheatstone bridge. The common mode voltage is around 7.5V due to the supply voltage of 15V. I am looking for a gain of 20-30 in order to obtain good signal strength for an Oscilloscope…

  • RE: HDMI / DVI to NTSC using ADV7611->ADV7125->AD725


    4:2:2 or 4:4:4 is fine either way. Not sure why you would use the secondary VSP instead of the primary, but it doesn't particularly matter. You could output Y/C separately in parallel with CVBS, but you don't have to.

    Not sure I see why…

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