• IBIS model of AD8003


    My customer use AD8003 in their ATE syystem and  requests IBIS model of AD8003ACPZ-REEL7.

    Would you provide IBIS model of AD8003 ?

    They request IBIS model of AD8003 again even though they already confirm SPICE model in ADI web. site,

    Please provide…

  • regardign IBIS model of AD8003


    i want IBIS model for AD8003.is it available?

  • Inquiry about AD8003

    I want to apply (two amplifiers of) the AD8003 for L.O. buffer use in a various locations in a partially-discrete
    low-frequency quadrature modulator application.  Important considerations are phase matching (both
    within a single part and from…
  • unable to achieve gain using AD8003

    before entering in to problem:

    my application is a laser pulse detection, in this process when a laser pulse falls on photo diode it generates current, later stages include a I-V conversion, Gain,difference amplifier and comparator

    my pulse characteristics…

  • AD8003 amplifier bandwidth under spice

    Good day

    I am simulating a +1 gain amplifier using the AD8003 model under spice. It seems possible to reduce the bandwidth playing with the series resistor rather than the feedback resistor. Is it a reliable behaviour? If yes, what would be the physical…

  • orcad error of imported SPICE model AD8003

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    Our customer met one trouble.

    After import your SPICE model AD8003 to orcad PSPICE16.5, then the following parts have built .




    When he do his simulate to use AD8003, then the following error has comin.


  • Ground plane under AD8003 and what to do with unused amplifier?

    Hi all,

    The datasheet for the AD8003 triple 1.5GHz Op Amp recommends the use of ground and power planes, however, it also says planes should not be used under any of the pins of the AD8003 in order to minimise stray capacitance at the inputs and outputs…

  • AD8003运放在80M处总有谐波,求指导


  • Question for AD8003ACP-EBZ

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    AD8003ACP-EBZ is only bare board that it show on your datasheet.

    So if we buy this, then can we get one AD8003 on there?

    Otherwise should we buy AD8003 for put on this?

    Thanks Kaos

  • RE: Amplifier Selection?

    Hi Einstein,

    I suggest you add AD8000 (1.5 GHz Ultrahigh Speed Op Amp) and AD8003 (Triple, 1.5 GHz Op Amp) to your Op Amps consideration, both are current feedback amplifiers. Current Feedback amplifiers offer wide closed-loop bandwidth, low distortion…