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  • AD8001

    各位好,我最近需要將一個光電流的AC 33kHZ 方波放大至--10~10V,但發現用了ADI的幾個產品,都會有SLEW RATE不夠快或者是增益頻寬比不夠高的情況,我有查詢到AD8001,他的SLEW RATE是夠的,但他的增益是偏向高頻(10M~100M),不曉得我若用此款型號,他是否會有低頻響不佳的情況以及調動增益是否會因頻率關係而無法放太大呢?

  • AD8001 quiescent current


    I check quiescent current on some AD8001 in CERDIP package and I measured about +/-5.8mA.

    I used test circuit G=1 in page 4 of the datasheet with with component as close as possible, ( I sold feedback resistor directly on IC pins) V+=5V, V-=-5V, IN…

  • AD8001 branding

    I bought (probably) AD8001ARTZ expecting "HEA" branding, according to the datasheet.

    But it is branded "HOB" or "H0B".

    May I trust that it is AD8001 ?

    Do you use also brandings other than in datasheet?

    Best regards


  • AD8001 input resistance

    Dear engineers. I tried to use ad8001 as an input buffer after a resistive voltage divider. I found that the divisor coefficient does not match the calculated one. It seems that the input resistance of the ad8001is tens of kiloohms instead of 10 Mom.…

  • AD8001使用问题


  • AD8000&AD8001 PCB design issues


    I'm designing AD8000&AD8001 for testing purpose. The AD8000's datasheet says:"Do not use ground and power planes under any of the pins of the AD8000." Is this means that I have avoid copper of the ground (or power) plane adjacent top layer?…

  • AD8001 Eval board gerbers


    Are gerber files available for the  AD8001AR-EBZ SOIC eval board?



  • Issues when use AD8001 as Adder

    Hello Guys,

    We are using AD8001 as Adder. We can use it in our previous product, now, we are using it in our new prototype and test board. We didn't change anything in the schematic, only replace and route a test board. As attached imag file shows, there…

  • RE: PsPICE model of AD8001 op-amp

    Hi ,

    I could use LTspice for the simulation of AD8001 circuit.

    Thank you.